Monday, July 25, 2005


EA has just announced that it will be making Battle for Middle Earth II.

Furthermore, they announced that have received the rights to the literary properties in addition to the movies. We can look forward to huge Elven armies and Dwarven armies led by old Oaky himself! Melkor vs Sauron can be put to rest for good!


I need a bucket. My head just popped.


Mr Shoop said...

I'm feeling rather faint. My greatest dream is coming true. Oh and by the way, it's spelled Melkor, not Malkor. LOTR fan poser.

Proteinstar said...

Whatever could you be talking about? I spelled it correctly. after your correction. nuts.

Mr Shoop said...

I'm here for you

Mr Shoop said...

I guess new borns can take time away from the important things in life like blogging so I'll forgive you for your tardiness....this time