Thursday, July 14, 2005

On the First of May

2 Playboy Playmates where born..don't ask which ones.

Calamity Jane aka Martha Burke was born in 1852. The infamous indian fighter/frontier adventurer. How perfect that my wife shares her birthdate?

George Inness was born in 1825. You know that super famous painter? You don't know? Well maybe this will refresh your memory.


Well that's your own stupid ignorant fault.

Moving on.

Benjamin Henry Latrobe, 1764.
He was an engineer/architect.

He built this big building with stone bearing masonry and a cast iron dome in a neoclassical style.
Does that help? Think da da ta da ta da da ta da da da da. Hail To The Chief? That's chief not thief.

Does this help?

And finally a person of note that Mr Shoop should find remarkably interesting...

Magnus VI Lagabuter, King of Norway, born 1238.

My wife has some of the coolest birthday buddies.

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