Saturday, July 02, 2005

Would you believe aliens abducted me?

How about just my brain? Yup...brainjacked right in midsentence last week. We've been doing donuts and purging our hyperdrive plasma capacitors all over Procyon. A side trip to Regulus for some munchies turn out to be a huge mistake thanks to Gribbleglax and his girlfriend/pseudo-hemaphroditic pedapalp waving gelatin construct. We just called her 'Nasty'. Until she dissolved Fronip and sucked out his insides through his navel. Most of the trip was then spent shaking and desperately attempting not to wet ourselves.

But I'm back. And it's good to be back. No more 'Nasty'. (let me pour some of my fotie out for old Fronip) You the dog Fronip!

There's a ton to comment on. I'll start just before the brainjacking.

My Bronx trip rocked. Lost one kid on the subway, he's terror stricken face as the subway pulled away from the station with him still on it will humor (ahem!) haunt me forever. We had 40 kids come to our youth program where we introduced them to God. Awesome. 8 kids made decisions to follow Christ! Super Awesome. One of my youth learned how to wear a dorag. I prayed on a public street in the middle of the Bronx. Closing my eyes in public has never been so scary when you have 6 Hispanic dudes standing right behind you speaking Spanish and sounding not to friendly.

I bought an I love NYC Geoffrey the Giraffe from Toys R Us. (just pretend the r is backward)

Still working at BK. Ugh.

Having a BBQ tomorrow! Yeah. A Sir Justin Kay being the guest of honor.

I want to be a transhuman.

I googled brainjacking and brought that up. I love futurists.

Well guys, good enough start? I'll get back on the horse and get this thing moving full swing. I need to pop over to that blondheaded Norseman's page. I hear he has a comment list piling up past 25.


Anonymous said...

I found a typo.

Proteinstar said...

already noticed it...thanks for that non-informative critique.

Anonymous said...

it's what i do