Saturday, April 15, 2006

Wheres the ducktape? My heads gonna POP!

Simply put...Heroes V is the greatest thing in my life.

Well, besides Spouse of Proteinstar and the Brood.

and doritos, and meatballs...

but it has definately taken a top 10 position.

For those who care...the combat is amazing. Lackey, your head will split when you see what a Pit Fiend can do!

Most units have special optional abilities that just kick butt. The graphics, sound, and music rock. And this is just the demo! Come May whenever it comes out, it must be mine.

Nothing says Easter quite like a bunch of flaming horses pummeling my hapless archers into red paste.

Happy Easter Everyone!

Monday, April 10, 2006

The calm before the Storm of Unbelievable Butt Kicking

Which we have, in our infinite forethought, have abbreviated to SUBK (pronounced Sew-book)

Just thought I'd peek in and see what I haven't done to the place.

Hmmm...could use some paint, perhaps a few posts, a little work and I might actually have a blog.

critical enough for ya Rover?

Truth be told I won't throw the towel in like our Viking comrade but we'll see this beast roar to life in a few weeks or so.

May 5th, say it with me...May 5th...student teaching will end and the summer will begin!

Well, the crazy search for a job is more like it, and late night classes.

But at least I will have finished my teaching.

The ranking system for student teachers at Alvernia is Exemplary, Superior, Satisfactory and Unsatisfactory.

There are 36 catagories ranking from Understands content knowledge to Accepts constructive feedback and 34 others in between.

My first observation in Feb saw me recieve 9 exemplorary and the rest were superior (a great observation)

Aprils observation saw me recieve 11 superiors and the rest exemplorary. OH YEAH!!!


or something.

Prepare to be wowed on May 5th...this blog is coming to life.