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A yes time for a new meme. This one takes lousy pop songs, or not so lousy ones and timestretches them using programs like audacity and Paulstretch. They are 8 times longer...some of them have amazing soundscapes.

Justin Bieber’s ‘U Smile’ Slowed Down 800 Percent Becomes Haunting New Song

Metafilter likens it to "Sigur Ros doing Vangelis covers in a cathedral being washed away by the sea." (Here's the original.)

J. BIEBZ - U SMILE 800% SLOWER by Shamantis

Everyone is jumping on...I think I have audacity installed on my pc...let's slow down the macarana.


I give you...the song from Portal
'Still Alive' from Portal, slowed down 800%. by xihilisk

Well I successfully slowed down Christopher Cross's sailing. It is now over 30 minutes long. Wow.

Tuesday, June 01, 2010

He's talking bout you Birchy!

The clue is in the comment about the small toes.

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