Sunday, December 31, 2006


Behold the glory of radioactive goo and an exuberance for all things ninja!

I wonder if they'll have Krang?

Friday, December 22, 2006

Rap I can Laugh with Rather than at

The filth and dreck I'm forced to stomach at school is mind numbing.

I wish I could force the kids to watch this.

Thursday, December 21, 2006





after the Wuzzles.

Saturday, December 16, 2006

Friday, December 15, 2006

Hey Guys

Just a few cool things I've been playing with:

Check out
Sweet website with a daily podcast detailing the days recent outbreaks of horrible diseases around the world. Pneumonic Plague in a diamond in Africa is the latest gem. Pneumonic of course being the respiratory version of the Bubonic plague.

The other is even better. Although one might question it's legality...might.

It's called A Russian mp3 webstore. The great thing is that the mp3's sell for $0.15. Entire albums go for $1 or $2. How can you beat that? I can by 8-10 albums for the price of one!!

Is it legal? Well Verisign is doing their online credit payments. Although the US has requested that another similar website be blocked by the Russian government, this one is still operating so I guess it's cool. It certainly is cheap!

Oh and the MP3's are great, the selection is both broad and deep.

There ya go.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Machine Guns in Space!

An asteroid will pass within the orbits of our geosynchronous satellites in the year 2029!! This near miss will alter its trajectory to a potential catastrophic impact in 2036!!! This massive rock hurtling at hereto unknown speeds is appropriately named Asteroid 2004 MN4!

Several estimations have approximated the impact as occurring 680 miles off the California Coast in the Pacific Ocean. Dum-dum-duhhhh!!!

So we are now trying to design manned orbiters to land on Asteroid 2004 MN4 in order to push it further away. Steve Buscemi and Ben Affleck have officially signed on to the project. Nasa is reported to be in negotiations to request better lander designs by Micheal Bay, specifically a larger, "more awesome", machine gun.

Friday, November 10, 2006

A Sneak Preview of the Limited Edition BMBP Shirts!

Not shown are the Ultra Exclusive T-shirts suitable for only the victors of HeroScape , Diplomacy, and War of the Ring.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Birch Mountain's Final Days

I couldn't be more excited. The Birch Mountain is about to tie the knot. And an extravaganza of such masculine excess is about to happen this weekend that it will blot out the entire neighborhood in waves of testosterone induced glee.

I'm particularly looking forward to spanking everyone in a massive game of Heroscape, followed closely by further spankage in the realm of Diplomacy, although I believe Dred Ben might give me a run for my money as he seems to rock my world every time we but heads in WWII. I'm hoping the 30 year differential might give me a edge.

And Weapons and Warriors!? I can't wait to see those little orange balls go flying! I call the trebuchet!

Long live Birch Mountain! Long life his wife to be! We need a name for her!

I think thats going to be one of this weekends shirts. Long Live Birch Mountain.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

See what large letters I use as I write to you with my own hand!

Nope not me being weird. That's Paul, probably ripping the quill out of the scribes hand as he pens his last few thoughts to the confused church of Galatia. Galatians 6:11

That line screams authenticity, probably more than many I've read in the Bible.

Or how about how he wishes that the Christians who started this whole debacle about circumcision would go and finish the job and CASTRATE themselves!!! Galatians 5:11-12

He must have had some temper, I think he might have been a bit more tempermental than Peter.

Paul was the bomb.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

I think I'm getting the hang of this...

I just finished a weeks worth of lesson plans in a single night! w00t!

Monday, October 16, 2006

Sir Francis Drake is now the employee of Electronic Arts!!!

He is specifically working for Mythic Entertainment down in Fairfax VA.

He's the new concept artist for Mythic's Warhammer Online Game which will kick butts three ways till Sunday or otherwise known as KBTWTS.

The second best part is the friends and family plan that EA has, hopefully i'll get some subscription free playing in soon!!!


Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Funniest Video Game Themed Cartoon Ever

If you are easily offended by animated squamous characters that curse at video game characters then do not click this button.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

My New Anthem!

All hail the glorious new declaration of Nerdom!

Monday, October 09, 2006

The Lineage will not die with me

No it will continue until my descendents are more than the sand on the shore. Well, perhaps not, but at least it will extend one further generation. The Spouse is carrying our First Born Son!!!

No baseball and football for this little sion of the Clan, but Euro-games and Sci-fiction will nurture and support him in his growing years. He will become what his father has striven to be.


Thursday, August 24, 2006

I'm finally a Biology Teacher!

After recovering from Gencon the Spouse of Proteinstar and myself fell into a bit of a morass. All our vacationing and Genconing were really just elaborate attempts to mask the fact that I, Proteinstar, was still without a job, and that it looked as if the Spouse would be working again. This time with our 3rd broodling due in Feb. To say the least, the week was grim, to say the most, it was absolute hell. Up until Wednesday the 16th of August. I received a message from a local High school principal offering me a teaching job in their Science dept. Praise God!

I've since taken the job and gone through several days worth of traning and such.

So we have begun a new facet of my life, that of the teacher and educator.

And so let me leave you with this excerpt from a fantastic little book:

"Each deed you do, each act, binds you to itself and to its consequences, and makes you act again and yet again. Then very seldom do you come upon a space, a time between act and act, when you may stop and simply be. Or wonder who, after all, you are."

-The Farthest Shore
Ursula K. Le Guin

So my advice to us all is carefully choose the acts you make, or you may wind up frozen in a place and time that is not to your liking and your acts will have left you with no other.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Girls in chainmail?! A dragon poster 2 stories tall? Sign me UP!

What am I talking about you might ask? Only the 4 best days in Geekdom.

That's right..Gencon. Which stands for Geeks Encouraged to Not Care about Other Normals.

I couldn't possibly tell the many sights and sounds that I witnessed. An exhibit hall so large it could have swallowed a Walmart whole and still have room for a 7-11 and a Hardees. A hall stuffed to the gills with board/card and Roleplaying games. Huge displays and massive layouts dominated the hall. Wizards of the Coast displayed a Dragon that was basically lifesize.

The ventilation was thankfully adequate enough to remove the inevitable Geek Reek that would have stripped the flesh right from our bones.

The females of the Gencon though were an interesting breed. Most happen to be of a Goth persuasion. And since they felt no threat from any of the geeks in the facility, all of them too wrapped up in some hyper-rare copy of a Evil Superman card to even realize the body they plowed into was a girl, that they feel they can wear whatever they want. it's like all the males are simply some exotic form of fungus and that the most revealing attire will result in nothing more than an annoyed grimace as the geek realizes that the person wearing only fish net stockings and a thong is blocking his view of Apollo from the original Battlestar Galactica.

Let me just clarify and let you know that the person wearing the stockings and thong was a chick. Yeah I was pretty shocked. Soon shock gave way to stupification when a girl sauntered by in only chainmail. It didn't take long to become numb to the thousands of girls in corsets so tight it looked like they might burst clear out the top in a fountain of well thats enough.

Played a ton of games.
Here's me about to pluck the liver out of Sir Francis Drakes champion.

G4 was there hawking their videogame stuff.

That was kind of cool, got to play a bunch of video games and such. There was a pretty sweet pirate game that a liked.

Collected about 3/4 of a ton of swag. That was sweet. Demoed games in order to get free games, that was sweeter. And I sold $20 dollars of my Magic cards in order to fuel my obsession.

Speaking of Magic, I played in a Two Headed Giant Tournament with Fistzilla. Oh, I should give a rundown of who went.

Proteinstar (myself duh), SirFrancisDrake, DredBen, Fistzilla and 25 Year Scotch. The five of us drove 9 hours or so to Gencon and loved it. The drive back with a Crave case (should call it a Grave case) of 30 White Castle burgers was amazing. Amazing that we made it back at all.

You don't need to see my identification.

Oh yeah, Magic tournament. Long ... long ... story but the short of it was I got spanked like a red headed stepchild, or circus monkey, pick your prefered idiom.

Bought more games than I could physically carry.

Ate a steak so good I nearly considered regurgitation, just to do it again.

I'm not going to post any images of the ladies of Gencon, because I um..didn't take any! yeah, Didn't take any pictures of the girls.

But I did take a picture of this...

Which effectively makes me a dork of the highest caliber.

Although not nearly as dorky as these tools!!

WOW...good pun huh?

Well the event was awesome, Fistzilla couldn't wake me with his Snoring of Fury although SirFrancisDrake was overcome by it's sheer power and I have a ton of games to play.

Although I'm going to have to find a way to get that chainmail underwear burned out of my brain.

Monday, July 10, 2006

Back from New Orleans

This isn't a real post. Sorry. It's a fake one, deliberately left here to give you the false impression that I seriously consider myself a blogger. Perhaps some day I will renew my blogger vows but until then I remain apostate and aimless.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Day 1 7:35 pm

(pay no attention to the changing tenses and punctuation, and well pretty much everything regarding this tripe of a writing assignment)

Meredith laid her head back on the sticky vinyl bus seat. The dull throbbing rumble of the engine pulsing through her skull, massaging the troubles of the day out through her mouth as she sighed. Work and more work she thought, if only she could get home and shower in time to see Pancho. She flew against the seat in front of her, dropping ungraciously onto the filthy bus floor as the bus lurched suddenly in a violent deceleration. She scrambled to pick up her purse and scattered belongings, along with a dozen other complaining riders, as the bus groaned and shuddered to a halt. As she stood she felt glass crunch beneath her shoes, and then the complaining refocused into groans and cries of help. She stood shocked to see a minivan buried into the front of the SEPTA bus, blood and shattered steel twisted into Gigerish forms. She pushed open the side emergency door which fell onto the oil slicked asphalt with a crash. Without a backwards glance she carefully lowered herself to the ground, the steel door rocking and crunching safety glass under her weight. She looked down the street past the front of the bus and it's recent minivan addition and her shock turned quickly to stark terror.
People were running in every direction. Distant screams and much closer gunshots shook her from her paralysis. The entire street was choked with cars. Cars upon cars piled up on each other, the occupants and pedestrians all wrestling and fighting in some ghastly urban gladiatorial match. She turned and ran up a side street and deep into a nearby development. A phone and a ride out of here is what I need she thought.

Passing house after house, whose lights were all dark she came up to a small bungalow style home with its two front bay windows invitingly lit, the lamps in the family room showing a pleasant enough environ. Apparently five other individuals thought the same thing as she joined a small group of people clustered on the front lawn.

"I really need to use the phone in there," a young man, she later learned his name was Jason, said. The others, in no particular order, introduced themselves as Matt, the Spouse of Proteinstar (a name she found rather odd), and another girl named Sarah. As she spoke briefly with them a warm arm came about her shoulders, she started and was shocked to see her own Pancho smiling at her. "How on earth did you find me here?" She said. "I work for LoJack, what kind of question is that." He responded with a wink. And with that they all made for the house.

The group headed for the front door, while Matt walked over to the parked Buick Lesabre to see if anything was in it's trunk. It was clear to all of them that this terrorist attack, which it had to be, froze all of societies niceties and allowed a sort of surviorist mentality. The Spouse of Proteinstar (hereby known as SP) Sarah and Meredith all searched the kitchen and family room for materials that might help their stay at the house. Meredith discovered a small shoulder bag full of live grenades, much to the shock of the group. Sarah and SP began boarding up the front bay windows with the family room endtables that they had smashed for the wood. Pancho found a baseball bat and started to walk down the hall to check out the rest of the house while Jason moved to the side door to check on Matt's progress out in the garage. Jason was just in time to her Matt shout "There are people in the backyard!! I mean a lot and they don't look right at all!" he headed up towards the open garage, hoping to find something to protect himself with or the keys that Buick.

Pancho heard a crash of glass and window frame as something solid fell through the bedroom window. Standing in the hallway swinging his bat menacingly he made sure Meredith saw his brave stand. Another shattering clatter was followed by a loud thud as another body fell into the computer room. He could make out the dim form of a shambling man lurching his way across the carpeted den.

Suddenly a filthy stinking man swung out of the gloom at Pancho from the bedroom. His body covered in gore, his mechanics overalls hanging on him in tatters. Pancho swung his bat like all those lessons from T-ball and the pulpy remains of the mechanics skull splattered the far end of the bedroom. The body shuddered and fell against the door jam, sliding down the wall in a oozing, fleshy heap. A second stinking body leapt out from the computer room, this one wearing only her bicycle shorts. A single blow to her head and she crashed into the old Pentium sitting in the corner, diskettes and Mountain Dew cans scattering across the floor.

The girls screamed as Pancho leaned out of the hall with his face covered in a crimson hood of gore, his teeth gleaming in a frenzied smile. "Got two of them!" He shouted "Whatever they are!" Jason piped up from the side door, "Their zombies!" as a hideously mangled corpse shouldered its way into the door. Barehanded Jason grappled with it, trying to prevent it's ingress. Filthy nails tore deep furrows in his arms, blood welling up in their tracks. Blood stained teeth snapped at his neck as he tried valiantly to force it out of the house. Meredith ran to his aid wielding a baseball sized weapon of unfathomable power. Suddenly the zombie lashed out with horrendous power throwing Jason back into the family room. And with that it took several steps into the house, arms thrashing and teeth gnashing in a fury. More crashes in the bedroom and computer room announced the arrival of several more decaying fiends. Pancho's maniacal laughter and the sickening crunching of pulped skulls announcing the demise of those intruders.

Sarah tried to squeeze past Pancho and grab some equipment in the bedroom, even as a foul shambling form, half resembling a local TV anchor, turned his gaping maw towards her, his eyes white and glazed.

Jason threw himself at the zombie again. "Git out of here you lousy ArggghhhhaaaahhHHHHHH!!!!! His battle cry suddenly turning into a shriek of horror as he found it's teeth buried in his throat. Blood fountained out in a geyser of sanguine gore. He stumbled backward, flaps of tissue tearing away from his neck as the zombie snapped at him. Clutching the rapidly decreasing flow he fell hard against the coffee table, his eyes went dark and his last sensation was the soggy warm shag carpet against his cheek.

The woman continue to barricade the front windows and searching for weapons or anything that might help them. Meredith stood in shock as the decaying corpse turned it's dead gaze towards her, stepping back she hefted the green orb of destruction in her hand. He shock increased as the body of Jason picked itself of the sodden carpet, his throat a red ruin. "Aw Jason's one of them now!" She shouted. Pancho yelled from the bedroom for her to throw the grenade. She looked down at the bomb and quickly looked up at the two shambling forms trying to negotiated the glass coffee table. And with that she pulled the pin like in the movies.

SP was running into the family room with her newly found rifle when Meredith disappeared in a shower of gore and tissue filled chunks of denim and cotton weave. Half of her was instantly vaporized in the explosion as her grenade went off prematurely. The rest of her was blasted throughout the room, pelting zombie and human alike with her remains. A fine red mist descended from the ceiling, right between her tennis shoes, which SP noticed had moved an inch.

The family room was a wreck. Streaks of blood splattered on every surface, which after the explosion were shattered and smoldering. Pancho ran out of the bedroom and nothing but shock registered on his face. "You traitor! His traumatized mind made him shout." And with that he attacked the remaining zombies in the bedroom.

Maria took aim at Jason, and noticed out of the corner of her eye that the shattered ruin of Meridith's corpse was trying to crawl from out behind the TV where the largest portion had been thrown in the explosion. She takes aim and fires several rounds at the zombies, taking the one that had been Jason out. It's headless form falling in a heap. With a click she realized she was out of ammunition and heard matt shout from the garage that he had found some hollowpoints in a cigar box. With that she ran out the front door, shouting for him to meet her at the Buick. Pancho runs back into the den which has filled up with several moaning forms, his club of ash swinging.

One zombie falls with it's had a caved in ruin, but in his backswing a festering corpse latched onto his shoulder. The thick cotton of his rugby shirt shredding like tissue paper, his flesh torn from his shoulder like a KFC chicken leg. Blood spurts from his wound as he stumbles backwards from the assault. He bit his tongue in a rage as he swung at the fiend his wild swinging missing the grotesque thing completely. It;s mouth hanging agape it lunches at him and a sudden moment of absolute mind shattering horror rips his arm completely from his body, the dull thud of the bat falling against the desk echoing in his ears as those inhuman hands shatter his rib cage and disembowel him in a flash. Death was instant and he fell backwards into the bookcase he was desperately trying to search. His abdomen and chest a gaping hole, the room a charnel house. The keys to the Buick glinting on the second shelf.

The horde continue to grow in the backyard, the hastily erected barricades in the bedrooms collapsing under the mindless bulk of the dead. SP hefting her hatchet and Matt with his newly reloaded rifle the mentally prepared themselves to reenter the house of horrors, where moments earlier they had heard pancho's last moments and it nearly unmanned them.

Meanwhile Sarah in a rush forces a zombie back and splits it's rotting head like a melon in the bedroom. She rushes out only to be trapped in the hallway by the shambling corpse of Jason and Pancho who lurches out of the computer room. The stench of entrails and gristle nearly drives her mad as she faces these two one time acquaintances, both now only desiring to peel back her skull and feast on her brain. She forces Jason back with a savage blow and seeing her escape runs into the family room after the staggering zombie. But with a savageness that she never expected from this stumbling form he grabs a hold of her thigh. A violent twist and horrific mound of tissue and jean is ripped from her thigh bone. She can't even cry as she falls into the smoking remains of the family room. Right into the waiting, and blasted form of Meridith whose fleshless visage is the last thing she sees. SP is running through the front door as three zombies descend on Sarah, her sceaming quickly becoming a low gurgle as organs and shattered ribs torn from her chest. SP freezes in the doorway as Sarah then regains her feet, her torso a ruin. SP attacks the remains of Sarah with her hatchet and finds the teeth of her friend sinking deep into her face. She stumbles back and grasping hands pull her into the waiting mob. Matt halts his entrance into the house as he sees the ghastly sight in the family room. Several zombies all resembling in some terrible way the 5 people he had met that evening trying to escape the nightmare that burst into the bar he was drinking his sorrows away at. If only he could drink this away. Firing a few rounds into the growing mob he has the satisfaction of dropping a few of the lurching forms. Until a dreadful click echoes from the chamber, he's out of rounds. He darts into the kitchen, dodging and weaving through the slow gore covered dead.

Throwing open cupboards and closets he finds a chainsaw tucked under the kitchen sink of all places. Rushing out he barrels through the first zombie, saw severing it in a flash. Two, three, four zombies go down before they can even turn their decaying gaze on him. Then the lights go out. Floundering in the dark, the last thing he needed was a power outage. But what would you expect, this horrorshow must be happening all over the city. Stumbling out of the house he finds a handlamp in the garage and makes his way back.

He has a flash of insight, he has searched everywhere for these keys except the computer room. He darts into the backyard, zombies are pouring through breaches in the 6 foot wooden fence, he can see a dozen zombies tumbling into the neighbors pool. Charging into the computer room through the window, two zombies turn slowly towards him. With a flash and a roar the nearest zombie is flung into the corners of the room, limbs and torso sheared to bits. Matt steps confidently towards the last pitiful corpse. When his chainsaw jams on a chunk of bone. He backs up trying to clear the jam and the zombie lunches at him. Arms and teeth snapping and thrashing at him. He blocks and fends with the unresponsive saw, his confidence melting as the zombie backs him into the wall. Zombies start pressing into the window, nails and fingers starting to catch in his hair. "Agh, if only I had cut this mop!" He panics. The chainsaw roared to life in time to sink itself into the zombies chest, bone and flesh splattering him and the room. Yet it's arms seize both of his and with a strength unimaginable, both his arms are ripped from his torso. The chainsaw falls, still thrashing the chest and now abdomen of the zombie, but with little effect except managling it's already horrific form. Matt stumbled against the wall, his twitching gaze taking in the maddening image of his limbless torso. He turns to escape the clutches of the fiend but catches his foot on the still whirling saw. With a flash of red his foot is flung into the corner and he falls flat on his side. Lying on the remains of at least 4 bodies his mind thankfully breaks down and he finds it's not unlike having to much to drink and passing out in the alley.

Monday, May 08, 2006


Ah yes I have crossed the proverbial finish line. I have finished my student teaching, and boy does it feel good.

Good like, I can feel my body liquifying and slowly seeping onto the floor beneath my office chair, my limbs pooling in a fetid and flesh toned pool next to my CPU and among the many coils of cable wound around various action figures and forgotten science fiction paperbacks, their covers missing from zealous overuse.

If I had an emoticon for that I would have used it. But in a word I feel R E L A X E D .

Just listened to a Lou Reed vs Suzanne Vega remix, gotta say I was underwhelmed. Godfather of punk vs pop goddess of the 80's aaaannnnndddddd blah. Bummer.

Just updated the GUI for UrbanDead and boy Rover you are gonna be so jealous! Just wait to you see what Malton looks like now!!!! WOOOOO!

Now I'd like to see Lou Reed vs Billy Bragg, now that would be a sweet mixup. Maybe even the Smashing Pumpkins doing Bragg. Cool.

The Bro of Proteinstar and I have started yet another game that we will not complete but at least we try.

Can't begin to tell you how much I like The Smith's. Not sure where I even discovered them or why I would get wrapped up in a band that lasted 5 years in the mid 80's from Manchester. But they are seriously the bomb.

Wow PS3 will cost $500.00, you can write me off. Now the Nintendo Wii (stupid name) is going to be $100.00. Now thats something I can get into.

Well I'm done.

Saturday, April 15, 2006

Wheres the ducktape? My heads gonna POP!

Simply put...Heroes V is the greatest thing in my life.

Well, besides Spouse of Proteinstar and the Brood.

and doritos, and meatballs...

but it has definately taken a top 10 position.

For those who care...the combat is amazing. Lackey, your head will split when you see what a Pit Fiend can do!

Most units have special optional abilities that just kick butt. The graphics, sound, and music rock. And this is just the demo! Come May whenever it comes out, it must be mine.

Nothing says Easter quite like a bunch of flaming horses pummeling my hapless archers into red paste.

Happy Easter Everyone!

Monday, April 10, 2006

The calm before the Storm of Unbelievable Butt Kicking

Which we have, in our infinite forethought, have abbreviated to SUBK (pronounced Sew-book)

Just thought I'd peek in and see what I haven't done to the place.

Hmmm...could use some paint, perhaps a few posts, a little work and I might actually have a blog.

critical enough for ya Rover?

Truth be told I won't throw the towel in like our Viking comrade but we'll see this beast roar to life in a few weeks or so.

May 5th, say it with me...May 5th...student teaching will end and the summer will begin!

Well, the crazy search for a job is more like it, and late night classes.

But at least I will have finished my teaching.

The ranking system for student teachers at Alvernia is Exemplary, Superior, Satisfactory and Unsatisfactory.

There are 36 catagories ranking from Understands content knowledge to Accepts constructive feedback and 34 others in between.

My first observation in Feb saw me recieve 9 exemplorary and the rest were superior (a great observation)

Aprils observation saw me recieve 11 superiors and the rest exemplorary. OH YEAH!!!


or something.

Prepare to be wowed on May 5th...this blog is coming to life.

Thursday, March 23, 2006

How to excite the youth of today

about genetics? I'll tell you one thing, it isn't with stories about frost resitant tomatos.

It's with gene engineering and transhumanism manifestos.

Thats right, crazy cool quotes or memes as the transhumanists call them. Like:

"Reengineer yourself"

"We prove ourselves by improving ourselves"

I like "Perfect your lineage. Genengineering."

I made up that last one.

I think I might stick that guy on CafePress. and I just did .

Well it's been a while hasn't it? It's PSSA testing this week so I've had some serious downtime, and a chance to catch my proverbial breath.

Well making those t-shirts sucked up all my time for today. Go buy some. Look cool.

Protein out.

Friday, February 24, 2006

Don't you die on me!!


It's been a while.

Student teaching is pure madness.

I wake up at 6am, get to work by 7:15am.

Work till 4:30pm-5pm

Go home, eat dinner between 5pm - 5:30 pm

Play with the girls till bathtime and bedtime at 7:30-8pm

Work on school work till 1am

Rinse and repeat.

But I love it.

I need to work on organization for next week though.

Pray. It was the greatest word ever written right next to the emergency pull handle on a subway train in the Bronx.

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Under the Knife

Well, seeing as I have a 4 day weekend I think I have time to actually blurp about something.

I wake up tomorrow around 4:45am and then will drive up to the hospital where, hopefully, the good doctors will surgically remove my navel.

Yeah I said hopefully, I kind of think it'll be cool not to have one. No more navel lint.

I mean, that alone is worth the trouble. Not that I have a problem with navel lint. It isn't like I have some unsightly illness that causes mounds of fluffy lint to come pouring out of my embilicus, but the concept of never having lint is intriquing.

Started listening to the Killers during a moment of weakness. Yeah, definately posers, it's all been done before and better by their betters. Still, they are a bit catchy, if not a bit tired and cliched.

Well I should get to bed. What a lame post.

Thursday, January 26, 2006

Yeah, don't expect to talk to me anytime soon

I'm about to download the new Heroes V beta.

See ya on the otherside of those Pearly Gates.

Thursday, January 19, 2006

Anal bum cover for $400

Ya I saw it on E-bay and thought that price was way to high.

Just a little post here saying howdy do and all that. Some excellent good friends are stopping by this weekend and it'll be great to see them.

I'll be cooking up a mean brunch for Saturday, Coast Guard potatoes and all that. Ever since Quayle had that snafu with spelling potato I can't figure out how to spell it myself. Seriously, I think the media attention on that whole issue has caused a generation of misspellings of that poor tuber.

My niece is now allowed to eat eggs which is a wonderful thing since 3 of the main dishes have about 6 eggs apiece.

And I'll be making a quiche lorraine which I've just discovered is actually called quiche Alsacienne since I put onions in it.

Not sure what I'm doing for dinner but it better match the '04' Dry Creek Chenin Blanc we'll be drinking!

Any suggestions? Something quick, light, but yet not lumpenproletariat.

I'm using my words like my mamma taught me.

Monday, January 09, 2006

The future is here! The future is now!

New nanotech armor called
5 times stronger than steel

Monday, January 9, 2006

TEL AVIV — An Israeli firm has developed armor based on nanotechnology.

ApNano has tested armor said to be five times stronger than steel and twice as strong as any impact-resistant material used in protective gear.

Last year, a sample of the ApNano material was subjected to tests in which a steel projectile traveling at a speed of up to 1.5 kilometers per second slammed into the material.

Executives said the impact was the equivalent to dropping four diesel locomotives onto an area the size of a human fingernail.

They said the nano-based armor, which stemmed from a new carbon form called Inorganic Fullerenes, withstood the impact.

The company's chief executive officer, Menachem Genut, said the company would launch initial production within the next six months. Genut said this would mean the production of between 100 and 200 kilograms of the nano-material per day.

By 2007, Genut said, ApNano, based in Nes Ziona, Israel, would begin full-scale production of the armor. This would mean the production of several tons per day.

The company began development of the nano-material in 2004.

Genut said the nano-material would require additional field testing before it was ready for the market. He said the first product could be ready by 2009

Cyclops Kitten

A ragdoll kitten was just born with one eye and no nose!

it only lived one day but this picture was released by the AP.

Saturday, January 07, 2006

Life is enveloping me like the salty brine, swirling about my feet as the sodden timbers of my stricken ship groan in protest. The mizzen mast a ruined shattered spear, the sails ephemeral tatters whipping in the storm. The fore and main masts sunk deep into the roaring sea as my life sinks itself before my very eyes.

Well, not really. Things have been busy though. That's why I haven't blogged recently. Christmas was great. New Years...meh. I can't see why everyone gets all revved up for that one. Although I would like to start a pool on whether or not Dick Clark will be at the next one, and if he is which limbs will rot and drop off his ancient form (unless he's a robot, I hear Sony and Honda were doing some great things with anticipation for the PS4 which could walk and carry itself to your friends house)

My student teaching is coming up Jan 23rd. I must admit I am a bit trepidacious.

On the music front, just discovered Andrea Bocelli and his song, Con te partiro. Whole Crap do I love that song.

I've been playing Magic Online like a complete fiend. My brother has ruined me.

I might have to discontinue my D&D night due to student teaching. It stinks since last Thursdays adventure was generally thought to be the best. It took me, a paladin, a ranger and sorceror, all lvl 2, approximately 30 seconds to kill 3 huge orcs and 2 human (and weird looking) fighters. I mean it was brutal. But the thing they were protecting...we didn't have a chance. It was all beaks and tentacles and, well..we ran away fast after my strongest blows just bounced off it's ropey tentacled hide. At least we saved the blacksmiths wife from a fiendish death.

you want the play by play on those 30 seconds? OK!

We were outside the village of Sullywick and about 2 miles into the woods they have an abandoned brick kiln. Through some snooping we leanred some no goods were going to show up at night so we waited to ambush them. The ranger, Sprit, was up a tree across the road from the kiln, the Sorceor Rykon was riding in a ruined kiln, and I, Gregory Thurmaturgus Paladin of Tyr, was hiding in a really rickity foremans shack. The enemy party arrived, 3 huge orcs taking the lead, a nasty hunched over figure dragging a protesting and tied female (the blacksmiths wife) and two really pale really tall human warriors taking up the rear.

Well 2 orcs (and they were huge) enter the only intact kiln with the kidnapped women and the hunched figure (my detect evil ability nearly knocked me out, that hunched nasty looking indivdual was reeking of badness) The two humans took up guard at the road and 1 orc waited right outside my shed. Perfect!

Well the hunched over figure it turns out was some wierd host for some even even weirder being and when that thing came out I saw Rykon (who could see inside that kiln) blanch. I mean he almost lost his cookies. it didn't help when the tentacled monstroisity that erupted out of the figure completely repelled his magic missile. Well the magic missile was the sign and I smashed through the wall of the shed (it was really rickity) attempting to cleaved the head right from the orcs shoulders. Well, my longsword got caught on a bit of window from dangliign from my arm and I missed! The orc grunted and swung around dropping his bow in favor of a long curved dagger.

At this same moment 2 arrows went sailing out of the woods, good old Sprit, and one sunk deep into a human guards neck. The seond guard turned to see what had splashed against his cheek and another arrow streaked out, plunging deep into his chest. Both guards slumped against each other, each trying to rally the other to action.

An orc came tearing out of the kiln headed straight to Rykon, a blue nimbus from his Mage Armor blurring his features. The orc and I at the shed where locked in single combat, me deftly dodging his feeble blows. The 2 humans recovered and ran towards me a blue streak from Rykon knocking one to the ground for good. A brutal swing from me and the orcs arm went a dangling, another and his head bounced off the redish ground. The other human ran and I took him out before he could cry mommy. I ran to assist Rykon who was now frantically fighting off a wildly insane orc, a blow across his back took his attention off of Rykon who buried his trusted morning star in his chest. The third orc gave a hug bellow has he left the kiln to avenge his collegues when 2 arrows strunk him nealry simultaneously, approximately 3 seconds later 3 feet of hardened steel shot through his chest as a massive Paladin of Tyr crushed him to the kiln door. And that was that. oh and Sprit told us after about this rogue who tried to sneak up on him but snapped a twig. Both her shots went wide and his got her right in the eye. Yup.

not going to go into the horror we found in the kiln, suffice to say we ran away. But still...

We are the bomb. And I'm gonna miss it. Just wait fellas this summer will be great!