Wednesday, July 06, 2005


What to talk about? Frances major defeat when London took the 2012 Olympics? The fact that circumsion gives a 70% increase in AIDS protection, 40% better than the ideal AIDS vaccine? Should I comment on Bush crashing his bike into some hapless Scottish cop?

nah. Although I knew not having that foreskin was some kind of bonus.

Got back from a service project with my Junior High youth. Great time. I tore up plastic crates for fun and profit. Although it looks like I opened a crankcase with my bare hands, they are seriously beat up and filthy. I've washed them 4 times and still can't get this rust off them.

I'm expecting a serious case of tetanus to set in. Good old Clostridium tetani. Makes for a nice permament breakdancing pose.
Just like this dude. There is a way better picture of this in Kline in one of the bacteriology labs. Oh and it's 11% fatal.

The arc is due to the back muscles being more powerful than the abdominal muscles. A neurotoxin produced by C. tetani, tetanospasmin, blocks neurotrasnmitters from the presynaptic membranes of inhibitory nerve synapses producing uncontrollable spasms. Death is due to an inability to breathe when the spasms make respiration impossible.

Well that's all I have to say about that.

On to something less rigid.

I actually like Country music. Not so much the way it sounds but the lyrics. I am completely amazed about how many country songs seem to be speaking all about me. Rock doesn't do that, it's all agnsty "I hate my parents rock", rap is all about the bling and girls in thongs sitting on the hood of my Bentley. But today I heard a song by Lonestar called Mr Mom. It rocked.

Now if only the Cure and the Smiths produced by Orbital and Mixed by Sasha had made it, it would speak to me and rock out all at the same time.


rover said...

Oddly enough, there is a country song out right now called "Songs About Me." Have fun with the spasms. Oh yeah, that "Mr. Mom" song sucks about as much as YOUR MOM.

Anonymous said...

that is not very nice.

rover said...

No less nice than making comments on blogs without identifying yourself.

Proteinstar said...

Get off my blog you simpering identity lacking troll!

Proteinstar said...

nuts, a misspelling in my raving. It's like a fly in your soup. You can eat it but it's so unpleasant.

Superswede said...

That picture is just disturbing.

Mr Shoop said...

Country music has its place, as in the back of the cd rack never to be found again. After being subjected to it all of my sophmore yr I developed a tolerance for it. Mind you, this didn't remotely come close to liking it. I myself would rather have the teenage, angst ridden, "I'm still mad at my father syndrome" type of music. It lends itself well to my sadistic mind.

Anonymous said...

glad to hear of the arrival of the second born. will she take over th e name of "Pudge" formerly held by the first born. Hope both Mommy baby, Daddy, and tot are fairing well. Till we meet again Soto!