Monday, May 08, 2006


Ah yes I have crossed the proverbial finish line. I have finished my student teaching, and boy does it feel good.

Good like, I can feel my body liquifying and slowly seeping onto the floor beneath my office chair, my limbs pooling in a fetid and flesh toned pool next to my CPU and among the many coils of cable wound around various action figures and forgotten science fiction paperbacks, their covers missing from zealous overuse.

If I had an emoticon for that I would have used it. But in a word I feel R E L A X E D .

Just listened to a Lou Reed vs Suzanne Vega remix, gotta say I was underwhelmed. Godfather of punk vs pop goddess of the 80's aaaannnnndddddd blah. Bummer.

Just updated the GUI for UrbanDead and boy Rover you are gonna be so jealous! Just wait to you see what Malton looks like now!!!! WOOOOO!

Now I'd like to see Lou Reed vs Billy Bragg, now that would be a sweet mixup. Maybe even the Smashing Pumpkins doing Bragg. Cool.

The Bro of Proteinstar and I have started yet another game that we will not complete but at least we try.

Can't begin to tell you how much I like The Smith's. Not sure where I even discovered them or why I would get wrapped up in a band that lasted 5 years in the mid 80's from Manchester. But they are seriously the bomb.

Wow PS3 will cost $500.00, you can write me off. Now the Nintendo Wii (stupid name) is going to be $100.00. Now thats something I can get into.

Well I'm done.