Thursday, January 26, 2006

Yeah, don't expect to talk to me anytime soon

I'm about to download the new Heroes V beta.

See ya on the otherside of those Pearly Gates.

Thursday, January 19, 2006

Anal bum cover for $400

Ya I saw it on E-bay and thought that price was way to high.

Just a little post here saying howdy do and all that. Some excellent good friends are stopping by this weekend and it'll be great to see them.

I'll be cooking up a mean brunch for Saturday, Coast Guard potatoes and all that. Ever since Quayle had that snafu with spelling potato I can't figure out how to spell it myself. Seriously, I think the media attention on that whole issue has caused a generation of misspellings of that poor tuber.

My niece is now allowed to eat eggs which is a wonderful thing since 3 of the main dishes have about 6 eggs apiece.

And I'll be making a quiche lorraine which I've just discovered is actually called quiche Alsacienne since I put onions in it.

Not sure what I'm doing for dinner but it better match the '04' Dry Creek Chenin Blanc we'll be drinking!

Any suggestions? Something quick, light, but yet not lumpenproletariat.

I'm using my words like my mamma taught me.

Monday, January 09, 2006

The future is here! The future is now!

New nanotech armor called
5 times stronger than steel

Monday, January 9, 2006

TEL AVIV — An Israeli firm has developed armor based on nanotechnology.

ApNano has tested armor said to be five times stronger than steel and twice as strong as any impact-resistant material used in protective gear.

Last year, a sample of the ApNano material was subjected to tests in which a steel projectile traveling at a speed of up to 1.5 kilometers per second slammed into the material.

Executives said the impact was the equivalent to dropping four diesel locomotives onto an area the size of a human fingernail.

They said the nano-based armor, which stemmed from a new carbon form called Inorganic Fullerenes, withstood the impact.

The company's chief executive officer, Menachem Genut, said the company would launch initial production within the next six months. Genut said this would mean the production of between 100 and 200 kilograms of the nano-material per day.

By 2007, Genut said, ApNano, based in Nes Ziona, Israel, would begin full-scale production of the armor. This would mean the production of several tons per day.

The company began development of the nano-material in 2004.

Genut said the nano-material would require additional field testing before it was ready for the market. He said the first product could be ready by 2009

Cyclops Kitten

A ragdoll kitten was just born with one eye and no nose!

it only lived one day but this picture was released by the AP.

Saturday, January 07, 2006

Life is enveloping me like the salty brine, swirling about my feet as the sodden timbers of my stricken ship groan in protest. The mizzen mast a ruined shattered spear, the sails ephemeral tatters whipping in the storm. The fore and main masts sunk deep into the roaring sea as my life sinks itself before my very eyes.

Well, not really. Things have been busy though. That's why I haven't blogged recently. Christmas was great. New Years...meh. I can't see why everyone gets all revved up for that one. Although I would like to start a pool on whether or not Dick Clark will be at the next one, and if he is which limbs will rot and drop off his ancient form (unless he's a robot, I hear Sony and Honda were doing some great things with anticipation for the PS4 which could walk and carry itself to your friends house)

My student teaching is coming up Jan 23rd. I must admit I am a bit trepidacious.

On the music front, just discovered Andrea Bocelli and his song, Con te partiro. Whole Crap do I love that song.

I've been playing Magic Online like a complete fiend. My brother has ruined me.

I might have to discontinue my D&D night due to student teaching. It stinks since last Thursdays adventure was generally thought to be the best. It took me, a paladin, a ranger and sorceror, all lvl 2, approximately 30 seconds to kill 3 huge orcs and 2 human (and weird looking) fighters. I mean it was brutal. But the thing they were protecting...we didn't have a chance. It was all beaks and tentacles and, well..we ran away fast after my strongest blows just bounced off it's ropey tentacled hide. At least we saved the blacksmiths wife from a fiendish death.

you want the play by play on those 30 seconds? OK!

We were outside the village of Sullywick and about 2 miles into the woods they have an abandoned brick kiln. Through some snooping we leanred some no goods were going to show up at night so we waited to ambush them. The ranger, Sprit, was up a tree across the road from the kiln, the Sorceor Rykon was riding in a ruined kiln, and I, Gregory Thurmaturgus Paladin of Tyr, was hiding in a really rickity foremans shack. The enemy party arrived, 3 huge orcs taking the lead, a nasty hunched over figure dragging a protesting and tied female (the blacksmiths wife) and two really pale really tall human warriors taking up the rear.

Well 2 orcs (and they were huge) enter the only intact kiln with the kidnapped women and the hunched figure (my detect evil ability nearly knocked me out, that hunched nasty looking indivdual was reeking of badness) The two humans took up guard at the road and 1 orc waited right outside my shed. Perfect!

Well the hunched over figure it turns out was some wierd host for some even even weirder being and when that thing came out I saw Rykon (who could see inside that kiln) blanch. I mean he almost lost his cookies. it didn't help when the tentacled monstroisity that erupted out of the figure completely repelled his magic missile. Well the magic missile was the sign and I smashed through the wall of the shed (it was really rickity) attempting to cleaved the head right from the orcs shoulders. Well, my longsword got caught on a bit of window from dangliign from my arm and I missed! The orc grunted and swung around dropping his bow in favor of a long curved dagger.

At this same moment 2 arrows went sailing out of the woods, good old Sprit, and one sunk deep into a human guards neck. The seond guard turned to see what had splashed against his cheek and another arrow streaked out, plunging deep into his chest. Both guards slumped against each other, each trying to rally the other to action.

An orc came tearing out of the kiln headed straight to Rykon, a blue nimbus from his Mage Armor blurring his features. The orc and I at the shed where locked in single combat, me deftly dodging his feeble blows. The 2 humans recovered and ran towards me a blue streak from Rykon knocking one to the ground for good. A brutal swing from me and the orcs arm went a dangling, another and his head bounced off the redish ground. The other human ran and I took him out before he could cry mommy. I ran to assist Rykon who was now frantically fighting off a wildly insane orc, a blow across his back took his attention off of Rykon who buried his trusted morning star in his chest. The third orc gave a hug bellow has he left the kiln to avenge his collegues when 2 arrows strunk him nealry simultaneously, approximately 3 seconds later 3 feet of hardened steel shot through his chest as a massive Paladin of Tyr crushed him to the kiln door. And that was that. oh and Sprit told us after about this rogue who tried to sneak up on him but snapped a twig. Both her shots went wide and his got her right in the eye. Yup.

not going to go into the horror we found in the kiln, suffice to say we ran away. But still...

We are the bomb. And I'm gonna miss it. Just wait fellas this summer will be great!