Monday, July 18, 2005

Props to my Homeboy!

Well my good bud Mr. Shoop turned one year older yesterday. And in honor of him I am contributing a list of famous and not so famous people who share his date of birth. The sad thing is, he will know 3 of these people at best. This is for you SHOOP!

1952 David Hasselhoff. The beau of Germany. The croaner of the Rhineland. The Knight Rider. I'm sorry Shoop, not much of a start.

Although he rode in K.I.T.T. That's something.

1947 Camilla Parker. Who? Prince Charles' mistress chick. yeah definately getting worse.

1934 Donald Sutherland.

Um.. yeah he's old and stuff.

1917 Phyllis Diller. I could only find one picture of her.
Dude you have the worst birthday buddies.

1912 Art Linkletter. Even I don't have a clue.

1900 James Cagney. Yeah Great. Well I saved the best for last. Here's some one you can be proud to share a birthdate with.

1674 Isaac Watts. The man.

He was an English pastor, preacher, poet, and hymn writer. Wrote about 600 hymns including When I Survey the Wondrous Cross, Am I a Soldier of the Cross, and Joy to the World. Considered the founder of English hymnody and children's hymnody. Published books of poetry, hymns, and three volumes of theological discourses.

The best part though was during the Revolutionary War.
In an attack upon Springfield when the patriots' wadding gave out, Rev. James Caldwell (of Huguenot descent) ran into the Presbyterian church returning with his arms and pockets crammed full with Watts' Psalms and Hymns saying, "Now, boys, give them Watts!"

This is where the term "give him/her/them/it what(watt) for!" comes from.

Well Shoop for the most part your birthday buddies suck but good old Wattsy there just saved the day. I was seriously hoping for a dude named Lothar from Norway born around 1228 or something. Oh well.


Mr Shoop said...

If it wasn't for Watts I'd have to disown my own birthday. What did K.I.T.T. stand for anyway?

Superswede said...

Knight Industries Two Thousand, back when 2000 was this mystical, far off year when the world would change forever. Or when the banking system would crash. Or when the world would stop partying to "The Artist Formerly Known As Prince"'s song. Or a few years after Skynet would have terminated us all. I could go on, but you get the picture.

rover said...

I want my flying cars!!!!!!