Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Just a few things.

Got A's in my first 2 grad courses at Alvernia. Very easy. I'm taking 3 more this Fall. Why doesn't Messiah offer grad courses? It's 10 times the school Alvernia is.

My youngest daughter now exceeds 10 lbs. She is calmer, will allow me to hold her, and is nearly sleeping through the night. Right before the Spouse of Proteinstar goes back to teach.

I might be getting my hands on a little videocard with a pipeline that's twice my current Geforce.

Add 512 more Ram and Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion is looking real good. As in perhaps my machine can play it with half it's glory.

Heading up to the Ocean State this week. Hopefully Katrina just sends some waves.

Kids screaming...gotta work.

Friday, August 26, 2005

Discovered what EGTY is.


Yup. It's called comment spam and their hitting blogs. The more links they can make for their product the higher on the internet search listings it will be, or so they hope. Blogs being a slightly different animal it might not work quite the way they want. Wired had an article on it.

Anyway, if you care to look I've deleted all references to a certain stock product and have also instituted a word verification program in order to thwart spambots in the future. I hope it doesn't cut down on all those nice comments I really do care for.

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Yikes it's what time in the morning?!

That pretty much sums up my evenings of late.

Jumped into a great game of Farcry and have been playing like a god for 3 days straight.

I had been stuck for months at this one portion, 6 guys onto me and I just couldn't kill them all. So I stopped. Early this week I picked it up again and rushed through them like a hot knife through congealed milk.

I'm at the end now I can feel it, gigantic mutant soldier things with rocket launchers in a even bigger battle raging across the island chain. I'm driving this jeep thing around flaming trucks and exploding dudes. Mercenaries flying through the air screaming. Awesome.

So anyway, just wanted to touch base with this nearly useless factoid about my current gaming experience.

Oh and The Spouse of Proteinstar and I kicked some serious butt in Puerto Rico. Love that game.

Hey Superswede going to Gencon with me next Summer?

We really missed you Tues.

And a certain lady friend.

Saturday, August 20, 2005

I could kiss him

My brother came through in spades today. Braving the hordes of gamers and intense "geek reek" he was able to procure a limited edition Gencon 2005 only Heroscape figure. He's beautiful and will actually make my sword gruts playable.

Thank you dearest bro.

In my world I am single mindedly focused on 3 things. OK well not so single minded. Heroes of Might and Magic V (thats number 1), Heroscape and the zillions of expansions for it (thats 2), the third being either Turbine's Middleearth Online or collecting every aspect of Supremacy.

Tomorrow I will most likely take part in the Mt. Gretna Art festival. Good gracious I've released information about my current whereabouts! Well, as it turns out I have to drive hundreds of miles in a nondisclosed direction to reach the art festival. Boy, that was close.

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

It's been a busy night

My brother has just arrived in Indianapolis for Gencon.

My sister got her Civic destroyed by some drunk and she's finally back from the ER.

And I squandered a couple hours watching an XPN music video montage called Garden State.

yeah yeah Braff was his normal, lithiumed to the gills, self. But man did Portman telegraph that performance. She stank (I've never been impressed with her acting..."Anakin! You are breaking my heart!" Well most of that suckage belongs on Lucas). Ian Holm was awesome as usual.

But my main beef was the music. It was like Braff wanted an excuse to show America what his current playlist was on his i-pod. No wonder Rolling Stone loved it. Coldplay, Remy Zero, The Shins (although I liked Know your onion). And he gives a little nod to the lounge scene with lebanese blonde by Thievery Corp (those 2 have a nice little club in DC). The album that track comes from is really good but I don't know where my copy got to.

Don't get me wrong, I like these groups and their music but it was so jarring. Several scenes were only about a particular song. I'll watch VH1 thanks. On second thought, I won't. I'll listen to XPN, um...nah...it's a telethon.

With that said, I really enjoyed every scene with Ian Holm. The father son relationship was great.

Ok, review done.

There's a new link...www.mikefranchina.com. I don't think i's up till after Gencon.

Man I wish I was there.

Oh and www.mightandmagic.com just released screenshots of necropolis. Yeah..I'm in love. Looks like Ubisoft took a page from Gamesworkshop when it comes to vampires. Looks great.

Oh and my sis should be ok. Right sis?

Friday, August 12, 2005

I'm back!

A one week vacation with family. AT points I thought I'd need a vacation from the one I was taking. But all in all...it was great.

Long Beach Island, although a hive of human residence, has some very nice beaches. And being only 40 feet from the beach makes them that much nicer.

The body surfing was intense. I suffered bodily injuries to horrible to relate. Ask Rover if you really need to know...even he will probably hedge.

How about this for exciting...live ...action...AEON FLUX.

Yeah, just had to order the old animated from Netflix.

Man I love the movies.

Monday, August 01, 2005

Um...I'm here...not sentient.. but here.

hi guys, A 3 week old is draining. Seriously.

Grad class, BK, Youth group. Ugh.

Just watched a movie called The Yes Men. It's a documentary about a bunch of guys who posed as the WTO. It's crazy to explain but the started a webpage called www.gatt.org

And if you visit both sites you'll see something interesting. They are identical. Except one makes fun of the WTO and the other one IS the WTO. These guys had all sorts of hug conglomerations thinking they were the legitimate thing. They were invited to huge conferences, spoke on MSNBC as if they were the WTO. Their hijinks are now legendary. I recommend it.

I was going to post something else but I completely forgot what.

I'm going to the beach next weekend, thank goodness. I have to come back early for grad class. Bummer.