Thursday, July 07, 2005

What another post already?

Look at the second hand of the clock...memorize it's location...ok now read..

Well, I haven't much to say. It's not a bad thing. Meaning only that my brain is storing it's ideolect for a better time and place in which to spew forth it's verbose aggregation in a glorious show of pedantry.

Wasn't that refreshing? Heck the very usage of the word pedantry is pedantry. I love the english language. How in order to say the word Hum you have to, in actuality, hum to produce the word. Speaking of Hum they were a pretty cool space rock band. No Failure mind you but cool.

Yeah a waste of your time I know. Perhaps this is the entire point of this post and so I conclude:

Look at the second hand on the clock, mark it's location.

This post, if you read at about my pace, has taken you 25 seconds to read.

If yours is less than 25 seconds CONGRATULATIONS! you read faster than Proteinstar!

If yours was more than 25 seconds well you're stupid probably have some brain damage.

Hey who wants to buy me a set of headphones? Anyone?

A nice pair of Grado SR 80's? Please?

Only $95.00, you won't find a better set of cans on the market for that price. Not even for $300.

No? Well maybe for Christmas.

That reviewing gig isn't happening yet anyway.

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