Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Yikes it's what time in the morning?!

That pretty much sums up my evenings of late.

Jumped into a great game of Farcry and have been playing like a god for 3 days straight.

I had been stuck for months at this one portion, 6 guys onto me and I just couldn't kill them all. So I stopped. Early this week I picked it up again and rushed through them like a hot knife through congealed milk.

I'm at the end now I can feel it, gigantic mutant soldier things with rocket launchers in a even bigger battle raging across the island chain. I'm driving this jeep thing around flaming trucks and exploding dudes. Mercenaries flying through the air screaming. Awesome.

So anyway, just wanted to touch base with this nearly useless factoid about my current gaming experience.

Oh and The Spouse of Proteinstar and I kicked some serious butt in Puerto Rico. Love that game.

Hey Superswede going to Gencon with me next Summer?

We really missed you Tues.

And a certain lady friend.


Proteinstar said...

Thanks for stopping by.. Couldn't help but notice your latest post involves EGTY!

How bout it Rover!? Should we invest?

rover said...

Very suspect if you ask me. Some well meaning person blunders onto your blog, and loves it so much that you are invited to his blog. Upon arrival at this blog you find a post on EGTY. Normally this wouldn't be strange, if you hadn't just received another unsolicited comment on you blog raving about this mysterious EGTY, a company whose real name no one seems to know. Suspect.

Superswede said...

Protein....Gencon sounds like a definite possibility, esp with some free room and board with my dear sister out in IN. Let the geeking out begin!

I'm sorry I missed the colonizing and shipping on Tuesday, though it's good for Mr. Shoop to play it once in a keeps him humble. Too bad only 5 people can play.

The lady friend (or supersweety) will make an appearance at some point, too, I'm sure.

Farcry - I've paused (for a couple months) just behind a stairwell where tons of nasty aliens are waiting to jump all over me....gotta figure out some way of killing them before they do likewise to me. Tactics, tactics. BTW, I LOVE MOHAA - breezing through that on "medium" like the aforementioned hot knife - thanks!!!!!!