Friday, August 12, 2005

I'm back!

A one week vacation with family. AT points I thought I'd need a vacation from the one I was taking. But all in was great.

Long Beach Island, although a hive of human residence, has some very nice beaches. And being only 40 feet from the beach makes them that much nicer.

The body surfing was intense. I suffered bodily injuries to horrible to relate. Ask Rover if you really need to know...even he will probably hedge.

How about this for ...action...AEON FLUX.

Yeah, just had to order the old animated from Netflix.

Man I love the movies.


rover said...

I don't know about "bodily injuries too horrible to relate," but there were a few waves that could claim to have had their way with me.

Anonymous said...

hmm aeon flux eh, i love that show. The demiurge, it was so trippy. Whos gonna be aeon? shell have to have almost no waist and very bony.