Wednesday, August 17, 2005

It's been a busy night

My brother has just arrived in Indianapolis for Gencon.

My sister got her Civic destroyed by some drunk and she's finally back from the ER.

And I squandered a couple hours watching an XPN music video montage called Garden State.

yeah yeah Braff was his normal, lithiumed to the gills, self. But man did Portman telegraph that performance. She stank (I've never been impressed with her acting..."Anakin! You are breaking my heart!" Well most of that suckage belongs on Lucas). Ian Holm was awesome as usual.

But my main beef was the music. It was like Braff wanted an excuse to show America what his current playlist was on his i-pod. No wonder Rolling Stone loved it. Coldplay, Remy Zero, The Shins (although I liked Know your onion). And he gives a little nod to the lounge scene with lebanese blonde by Thievery Corp (those 2 have a nice little club in DC). The album that track comes from is really good but I don't know where my copy got to.

Don't get me wrong, I like these groups and their music but it was so jarring. Several scenes were only about a particular song. I'll watch VH1 thanks. On second thought, I won't. I'll listen to XPN,'s a telethon.

With that said, I really enjoyed every scene with Ian Holm. The father son relationship was great.

Ok, review done.

There's a new I don't think i's up till after Gencon.

Man I wish I was there.

Oh and just released screenshots of necropolis. Yeah..I'm in love. Looks like Ubisoft took a page from Gamesworkshop when it comes to vampires. Looks great.

Oh and my sis should be ok. Right sis?


rover said...

Yes. It would be a shame if she lost any of her witty banter skills. I actually liked Garden State. The first half hour is sheer rubbish, but after that it redeems itself.

rover said...

I added a link to Rover's Racing just for you. It's the first one under "The Boys."