Saturday, August 20, 2005

I could kiss him

My brother came through in spades today. Braving the hordes of gamers and intense "geek reek" he was able to procure a limited edition Gencon 2005 only Heroscape figure. He's beautiful and will actually make my sword gruts playable.

Thank you dearest bro.

In my world I am single mindedly focused on 3 things. OK well not so single minded. Heroes of Might and Magic V (thats number 1), Heroscape and the zillions of expansions for it (thats 2), the third being either Turbine's Middleearth Online or collecting every aspect of Supremacy.

Tomorrow I will most likely take part in the Mt. Gretna Art festival. Good gracious I've released information about my current whereabouts! Well, as it turns out I have to drive hundreds of miles in a nondisclosed direction to reach the art festival. Boy, that was close.


Proteinstar said...


Superswede said...

What's with the first comment????

Protein - thanks for pointing out Turbine's I have yet *another* way in which to squander my time and money, though this looks absolutely GREAT!!! Too bad you don't have that cable modem anymore. Keep me posted on any news you hear about this!

Oh disclosed your whereabouts to some degree when you mentioned that a proteinstar-lette was born in our dear capital city a while ago, so you clearly live somewhere near that city. Granted, you could still be hundreds of miles in any direction.

rover said...

GO EGTY!!!!!!