Thursday, May 19, 2005

Well...That was pretty good

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It's not the battle of Endor but WOW!

Actually, that sums up this movie quite nicely. Episode III, attempts to but does not quite attain the lofty echelons of the 1st Trilogy. The gravitas is there but the movie doesn't focus on a given region long enough for you to care. Individuals suffer and die and the audience is just waiting to get back to a main character. Now the main characters you care about. Their events are meaningful and engaging, but the battles surrounding them are a bit hollow.

Unlike the original 3. Heck the battle of Hoth had only Luke and that entire seige was nailbiting. You care about the poor Hoth Troopers getting blasted to rebellious bits by those awesome, I hope my parents buy me one for Christmas, AT-ATs.

However, the movie was so awesome that I don't give a crap.

Plus it had severed spades. I mean arms and legs flying all over the place. Everybody's losing limbs, your grandmother probably lost a extremity or two just because you watched this film.


Jar-Jar does not speak, unfortunately he isn't one of the limbless in this movie, but I'll take the no speaking for starters.

Romance dialogue is ridiculous as usual. Fortunately I've had 2 movies to stoicly prepare myself, so my eyes just glazed over until something exploded and woke me.

Great movie.

However, the nod to Frankenstein was not only stupid it completely disrupted one of the most important scenes in the entire 6 movie series!!!!!

It was tasteless, silly and a complete mistake. It truely shows how sophomoric Lucas's directing ability is. The very idea of cheapening his main character in such a manner is appalling. My brother and I groaned, there was no excuse no subtle explanation on our lips to make it go away.

Stupid Lucas. Jar-Jar

Lovely Lucas. Boba Fett

I mean the dude gives with one hand and takes with the other. But honestly if Episode III is crap I'll have some more.

Seriously, this movie misses the original 3's greatness by a hairs breath. It's that good.

Is it Speilberg weeping good?

Is it, I'll see it again this weekend good? ummm...yes.

On a side note, Lucas mentioned his desire and motions to make a TV series based on peripheral characters. Could be amazing or it could be Droids.

Go see Starwars...It brings warm feelings to my heart.


rover said...

Thank God it was good. The last two had me holding my breath for the release of the new Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

rover said...

Did anyone express interest in a Formula De season at the last game night?