Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Formula Doh!

I love Formula 1. Specifically refering to the boardgame. Don't get me wrong I love the actual race but they keep changing the rules. Heck just throw out the rules! Let those engineers build monsters! Now that would be a race.

But back to the boardgame. My brother-in-law stopped by last night, carrying a load of laundry and Formula De. The game is the best approximation of racing every made for a boardgame.

blah blah blah racing and cornering and then...

Image hosted by

ah. Takuma Sato. The man never fails to impress.

The next race was at Hockenheim.

I'm back in the rear. Struggling to reach the front pack...2 corners left...

I roll the massive 6 gear die and...

Image hosted by

Matt wasn't too pleased about crashing out of the race because I slammed into him on the 2nd to last corner.

I took the final corner too slow and was past and took 3rd. Nuts.

I still love that game though.

Sato's my homeboy.


rover said...

Unfortunatly your brother-in-law wasn't any luckier last night. I did pull out a healthy 3rd in the first race, but "carnage corner" got me too. That second pic you posted of the Prost going over is a classic. Led to some rule changes too, go figure. Seriously, we should work out something for a summer championship.

matt said...

I will have my revenge!

Superswede said...

Speedy and steady *almost* wins the race....and ALWAYS beats Matty since he crashes out of *every* race he's ever been in. :-P

rover said...

Yes, proteinstar and his "homeboy" seem to share the same set of driving skills.

NightyKnight said...

Oh lah de day! My first comment on a Franchia post. What fun! But how will I ever know if "Matty" read it?? Hmmm ... not sure! In any case, Mat, Superswede pointed me to your blog. Neat-o! I have a little one of my own going, at, but it's not public yet. Soon, soon.

Our current fun is working on moving! I'm sure you've heard by now I have a new job - a Christian company out of Exton. I'd like to move here: Dream House but that may not happen. Well, this is supposed to be a teeny comment on YOUR blog, not my own. ;) So I'll leave it at that!