Sunday, May 15, 2005

Lucas give me back my Kershner!

My good old buddy Hal just went and saw Episode III. It's Sunday, the 15th. Yeah. A tad early.

Stupid Hasbro had an advanced screening and he managed to snooker tickets.

Actually I'm really happy for him. According to Gumbo it's not as good as the original 3 but lightyears beyond the last 2 piles of steaming (insert your prefered noun).

The NYT's apparently liked it as well. Although since Lucas has the directing ability of a decaying Rhesus monkey I can't understand for the life of me why he bothers. He should have gotten Irvin Kershner, if he's still alive. I mean Irvin was amazing with what he did with Empire. It was dark, heavy and sepulcher in tone. Perfect.

Now I know the last two were supposed to display innocence lost and childhood's end but that kid was dreadful. I mean dreadful in adjective's used to describe excrement dreadful.

I just watched Episode I recently and winced through two thirds of the movie.

Tusken raiders

Although those Tusken raiders shooting at the pod racers was sheer brilliance and most likely concocted by an animator or artist on Skywalker Ranch.

Last chance G.L.

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