Thursday, May 26, 2005

Get Lost

I don't watch much TV. I'd much rather be rotting my eyes in front of my PC. But the 2 shows I do watch are pretty cool. A little show called Lost, which is in its first season, and Alias which is in like it's third or fourth.

Lost takes place on some South Pacific island after a 747 crash lands on the beach. There are 40 survivors. The island is, for lack of a better word or the time to think one up, bent. A huge um.."thing" stomps around the island up rooting trees and eating people. There is a polar bear and all sorts of hidden stuff. The plots, character development , effects, whatever are simply the best I've ever seen on a TV series.

The 2 hour season finale was last night and WOW! I'm definately buying that DVD set.

Now Alias pretty much sucked, although the ending was the obligatory shocker.

Lost is my new love now.

Ah the geeks attention span...approximately 2 months.


Superswede said...

Well, since you're buying the DVD, I can just borrow yours and save my money. ;-) Esp since you have SO much more than me anyway. :-) Or we could just wait til Rover begins the professional racing circuit and mooch off of him.

rover said...

You know its a great show when the best hope of survival for a fat man, a former cripple, a docter, a hot fugitive, and what is left of an exploded chemistry professor is to run through the forest with 100 year old dynamite on their backs. I love that show! But to be fair, any show where pirates kidnap children off of the coast of a mysterious island will rank high in my book. Oh, and to superswede I have one word. Sponsorships baby, sponsorships.

nomad said...

I watched the show its alright.