Tuesday, June 14, 2005

You want fries with that?

In an effort to recreate my high school years and make a small about of dough on the side, the emphasis on small. I have taken a job at..dum dum duuhhh!!!

Burger King

Yup, flipping dem burgers. Well no flipping actually they cook on a moving chain-link belt through the grill from Gehenna. With me and the wife at home I thought a little extra money would be nice, little is the key...oh did that joke already? I haven't worked there in 10+ years. Stepped right up in the middle of the lunch rush and boom..I was in the zone. You know, the Burger Time zone.burger time

10+ years and it was like rolling off a log. Makes you wonder why people have such a hard time in positions like that. Managers screaming "WHERE'S MY WHOPPER WITH CHEESE NO ONION!?!?!" and fry cooks spazzing out as they run to and fro trying to keep up with the 4 orders they have. I'm there just putzing about making these brand new burgers that I don't have a clue to make. Double bacon cheddar cheese tendercrisp WTF? Pardon my acronym.

Not to change the subject but it looks like my sis is Escaping L.A. in the Nick Castle of time. She is leaving CA tonight at midnight to head to Denver. Let's hope it's high enough. Why?

Only a raging tower of water with destruction and a thorough colonic cleansing of the city in mind.




Mr Shoop said...

ahhhhh the memories.....The uniforms, grease burns, sneaking food. It brings a tear to my eye (especially the grease burns)

Superswede said...

Wouldn't the grease cause your eye to sort of callous over into this giant pus-ball? Mr. Diabetic Retinopathy would know more about the whole eyeball thing, though, since he got to pull them out of squirming rats. Yum! Which brings us full circle to BK!!

Proteinstar said...

Once at BK, we dumped an entire vat of molten grease onto the floor. Sloshed over everyone's shoes. There was screaming and foul language galore. Next day, the soles of everyone's shoes fell off.