Monday, June 13, 2005

Brand spanking new anime and the credits score doesn't fail to impress

...upon me that anime credit music sucks.

Just finished watching Ghost in the Shell 2: Innocence.

GitS2 skyline

Pretty? yes.

Explosions? yes.

Naked yet neuter robotic dolls chopping guards heads off with a single swipe? yes.

Gigantic amoeba-like blob at the end of the movie? surprisingly no.

Cool robots and neat ships. Brutal gun fight but man was the story a drag.

The genre is highly over rated. The coolest concept took a 2 minute scene to develop and complete. Lemon Jelly puts it....nothing. But the computer techie guys within the Solcus Locus ship were neat, their speak especially. Sounded like a barbaric derivative of an Imperial probe droid.

Oh yeah you get the occasional neat vehicle, but nah the writers decide to make everything retro. Who cares? We've already seen that! Use some vision! Imagine the future, make it somthing unlike what we've had!

Speaking of vision...

You could see the ending a mile away. Plus the two main characters keep hitting each other over the head with lame and out of place quotes from the Bible and Milton and a million other sources that the writers figured were esoteric enough to be interesting. yawn. I mean if the quotes actually pushed the movie towards any type of enjoyable payoff yeah sure. Bludgeon us with your heavy handed writing style. But since the movie was as bland as a Japanese cookie, all that fluff was even worse.

However, during the beginning and towards the end of the movie there is this Japanese chorus of women or girls. Simply put...amazing. Really great sound and good placement within the films' context too.

So that makes the ridiculous ending credits song even worse. It's like their trying to support the bad musicians and singers of Japan by giving them the end credit portions to make a living on. Well, hey wellfare is wellfare I guess.


Mr Shoop said...

Kind of reminds me of a recent series of movies that George Lucas did. Yawn - except #3-6

Proteinstar said...

Man, I barely got this thing posted.

I hear Stand Alone Complex is cool. I suppose I'll give it one more chance. The first Ghost in the Shell was great.