Monday, June 06, 2005


That esteemed Rhode Islanda. The name sake of an intimate and compact zoo nestled in the outskirts of Providence.

Roger William

You better click on that link and's worth the trouble. Man what a guy.

But few know of what a great debt our nation owes this man. Our democracy and freedoms are owed to him. The Providence Platations charter in 1643 allowed for a Republican government that had no control over religion or issues of faith. The first civil society in the history of the world to do so. No other colony charter shares these now "American" values. Our entire cultural/political outlook has been completely shaped by the smallest state in the Union.

The form of government established by the Rhode-Islanders was, as to civil affairs, much like those of the other colonies, but in the important article of religion, they differed from them all. Liberty of conscience was, in the first social compact at Providence, established by law, and no one was allowed to vote among them, who opposed it. [Backus, vol. i. p. 96.] This darling principle was planted in the soil of Rhode-Island, before the red men left it, or ever the lofty forests were laid waste, and has been transmitted from father to son with the most studious care; it was interwoven in every part of the State Constitution, has extended its influence to all transactions, whether civil or sacred, and in no part of the world has it been more inviolably maintained for the space of upwards of a hundred and seventy years. It is the glory and boast of Rhode-Island, that no one within her bounds was ever legally molested on account of his religious opinions, and that none of her annals are stained with acts to regulate those important concerns, which he wholly between man and his Maker. Hence it was early said of this colony, "They are much like their neighbors, only they have one vice less, and one virtue more than they; for they never persecuted any, but have ever maintained a perfect liberty of conscience" [Edwards’ MS. History of Rhode Island, p. 10]

Twice Rhode Island was nearly annexed by both Massachusetts and Connecticut. Both times thwarted by that God blessed man Roger William. The man who single handedly stopped the alliance of the Pequots, Mohegans and Narragansett tribes to unite and slaughter every New Englander. A plot that would have been a bloody success had he not stepped into harms way for that northern Bay Colony that had sought his expulsion to the Motherland.

I couldn't be more proud of the founder of my great state.

The man needs more than a tiny zoo he needs his own national holiday!


rover said...

Go figure, another New Englander railing on about the greatness of his home state, while he himself refuses to live there. What next proteinstar? A post about how the merge lanes in PA aren't long enough, and Mid-atlantic winters aren't harsh enough, and our fall foliage isn't bright enough? I find it ironic that you northlanders fall prey to the same elitism that has turned your home states into a den of liberal iniquity, yet continue to live on our land and marry our sisters. Actually I'm just messing with you. Roger William was a good man, there aren't enough like him today. Excuse my Anti-New England rage, but I was subjected to a large amount of Mainers and New Yorkers in college.

Proteinstar said...

If the real estate market of RI was based in reality and not in some Laguna beach fantasy world where a 3 bedroom ranch needing to be gutted and completely rebuilt in Narragansett sells for 350k, I'd be there.

rover said...

The first installment of my blog epic is now available at Baboons in Yankari. Check it out! That's right, I'm now sending out blog spam.

Mr Shoop said...

Mmmm Rhode Island. About the size of sneeze droplet on a map but yet manages to possess some of the most prideful inhabitants. There was recently a survey done that proved the level of driving ability in that back water state was shall we say lacking. Of the 49 states surveyed, RI managed to come in dead last for competant drivers. 1 out of 5 drivers would fail a drivers test if they were forced to take one right now. Sadly the next three in line managed to be Conneticuit, Mass, & NY. That's OK, we love them anyway. Well, except dem der Massholes.

jonathankpa said...

Just had to put my 2cents in... We are having fun selling our house - or not selling it as it seems to be... Hopefully we'll be closer to you all (?) once we move to Baltimore... Anyway, I've been enjoying the blog! - jonathankpa