Wednesday, June 15, 2005

I'm not asking you to understand.

But for the sake of conversation, mostly about what I'm interested in, I'll divulge some information.

I've been playing a game lately. It's free and web-based. It's entitled...

Kingdom of Loathing

OOOO! Sounds kind of dark and sinister! Well about as dark and sinister as a game in which the main currency is meat and my particular player class is a Pastamancer. A particularly strong one at that. I defeated my Nemesis some time ago and claimed the legendary Colander of Em'Eril. Big stat boost to my magicality. (It's a real stat) With my Kentucky Fried Meat Staff I'm quite the tour de force. I hvae no idea what that means. A star wars bike race?

I'm looking mighty beefy figure

My bro is a Turtle Tamer. Has some elder turtle on his head and does headbutting damage. I just trained the powerful spell of "Cone of Whatever" Can't wait to see what hellish storm of food products I can rain upon my enemies.

So anyway, I posted a link to it cause it's that awesome.

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