Thursday, January 19, 2006

Anal bum cover for $400

Ya I saw it on E-bay and thought that price was way to high.

Just a little post here saying howdy do and all that. Some excellent good friends are stopping by this weekend and it'll be great to see them.

I'll be cooking up a mean brunch for Saturday, Coast Guard potatoes and all that. Ever since Quayle had that snafu with spelling potato I can't figure out how to spell it myself. Seriously, I think the media attention on that whole issue has caused a generation of misspellings of that poor tuber.

My niece is now allowed to eat eggs which is a wonderful thing since 3 of the main dishes have about 6 eggs apiece.

And I'll be making a quiche lorraine which I've just discovered is actually called quiche Alsacienne since I put onions in it.

Not sure what I'm doing for dinner but it better match the '04' Dry Creek Chenin Blanc we'll be drinking!

Any suggestions? Something quick, light, but yet not lumpenproletariat.

I'm using my words like my mamma taught me.

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