Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Birch Mountain's Final Days

I couldn't be more excited. The Birch Mountain is about to tie the knot. And an extravaganza of such masculine excess is about to happen this weekend that it will blot out the entire neighborhood in waves of testosterone induced glee.

I'm particularly looking forward to spanking everyone in a massive game of Heroscape, followed closely by further spankage in the realm of Diplomacy, although I believe Dred Ben might give me a run for my money as he seems to rock my world every time we but heads in WWII. I'm hoping the 30 year differential might give me a edge.

And Weapons and Warriors!? I can't wait to see those little orange balls go flying! I call the trebuchet!

Long live Birch Mountain! Long life his wife to be! We need a name for her!

I think thats going to be one of this weekends shirts. Long Live Birch Mountain.

1 comment:

The Future Mrs. B said...

Well, as long as the only spanking that's done at *this* bachelor party is figurative... ;) Thanks for the best wishes, and I know that you guys will have a great time tonight!