Friday, December 15, 2006

Hey Guys

Just a few cool things I've been playing with:

Check out
Sweet website with a daily podcast detailing the days recent outbreaks of horrible diseases around the world. Pneumonic Plague in a diamond in Africa is the latest gem. Pneumonic of course being the respiratory version of the Bubonic plague.

The other is even better. Although one might question it's legality...might.

It's called A Russian mp3 webstore. The great thing is that the mp3's sell for $0.15. Entire albums go for $1 or $2. How can you beat that? I can by 8-10 albums for the price of one!!

Is it legal? Well Verisign is doing their online credit payments. Although the US has requested that another similar website be blocked by the Russian government, this one is still operating so I guess it's cool. It certainly is cheap!

Oh and the MP3's are great, the selection is both broad and deep.

There ya go.

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