Thursday, February 16, 2006

Under the Knife

Well, seeing as I have a 4 day weekend I think I have time to actually blurp about something.

I wake up tomorrow around 4:45am and then will drive up to the hospital where, hopefully, the good doctors will surgically remove my navel.

Yeah I said hopefully, I kind of think it'll be cool not to have one. No more navel lint.

I mean, that alone is worth the trouble. Not that I have a problem with navel lint. It isn't like I have some unsightly illness that causes mounds of fluffy lint to come pouring out of my embilicus, but the concept of never having lint is intriquing.

Started listening to the Killers during a moment of weakness. Yeah, definately posers, it's all been done before and better by their betters. Still, they are a bit catchy, if not a bit tired and cliched.

Well I should get to bed. What a lame post.

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matt said...

why did this post publish a week after it says you wrote it?