Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Vacations Done...Now the Real Work begins

Yup. I'm back from RI. The whole ProteinClan is back. Suntanned and exfoliated from the glorious beaches of the Ocean State.

Tomorrow The Spouse of Proteinstar starts school. I start watching The Brood.

Saints protect me.

Ubisoft has released the creatures for the necropolis. The ghosts look great. No death knights though.

Looks like another P2P is going to bite the dust. Kazaa lost a major court battle. In the end the music industry is going to lose. Information is so easily obtained today tomorrow will be even easier. File sharing will continue to to go further and further underground. Until the industry realizes that paying nearly $20 bucks for a 1 dollar album is insane they will lose.

A compnay named Mashboxx is kind of neat in that it allows you to listen to a track several times before deciding the purchase. It's nice to hear the whole thing rather than 20 seconds. Unfortunately they only have Sony in their corner.

I'm taking 3 courses this semester. Saturday goes from 8am to 5pm. And I thought those guys in Abu Ghraib had it bad. I'd wear womens underwear on my head to waive these courses.

Good to see Shoop posting 5 days apart. Sorry Matt for that diatribe about #16, that's what you were trolling for though right?

Well that's about it. I'm reading some "non-fiction" book about the Ark of the Convenant. It mentions the Urim and Thummim. Yeah those are magical stones mentioned by Joesph Smith. Any book that gets it's "factual" information from a prophet from 1830 who has since given prophetic utterings which have been found false is useless. Check your sources Randall!

Yeah I promise to one of these days actually write a blog post that isn't ADD.

Here's a Proteinstar insight.

The majority of the people evacuated from New Orleans where horribly poor. Most were renters. With their place of residence completely destroyed and their jobs gone they have no reason to return. The only people who can afford to return to that city once it is rebuilt will be the wealthy or those with valuable technical skills. It being a major port city would of course require dockworkers and the like. New Orleans may have cleaned itself of it's massive poverty problem by foisting the dispossessed and poor on the likes of Houston and Baton Rouge. With the help of government aid the city will rebuild, with major adaptations, ie. no more slums in the low lands. I think in 5 to 10 years that city will be a BOOMING tourism town, hailed for it's utopian qualities. The liberal democrats claiming it a victory for their modern and progressive policies...all the while missing the very truth that it was the local liberal government that failed the very people they claimed to support. Rather that deal with underdeveloped canals and levees they focused on giant floating casinos. Rather than dealing with government aid cuts by selling bonds to raise funds for their cities required protection, they drew up plans for a huge casino island in the middle of their lake. Rather than develop functioning methods for evacuating their populace they blame the federal government for not doing what they should have.

They fell for their own lie that life is Mardi Gras, and did nothing about their sinking city.

There, that's a poignant little rant.

Mission accomplished.


rover said...

I wouldn't hold my breath on that "Liberal Utopia" forming out of the ashes anytime soon. New Orleans has been run by liberal government officials for the last 50-60 years, and they weren't able to create a utopia. Scratch that, they did create the "Liberal Utopia" a city with no accountability, no moral base, and drugs and free sex for all. What they created was a travesty of modernity. You previously commented on another blog that New Orleans may have incurred the wrath of God. Another blogger found this assertion ridiculous. I ask, what is so ridiculous about it? Sean Penn may have been on to something when he headed down to New Orleans, that town's already trashed. I wouldn't want to be anywhere near Hollywood these days either.

Proteinstar said...

I just read in Time magazine that 3 of LA's state emergency planning people where under indictment for misuse of funds that where supposed to be for preparing the region for natural and manmade disaster. Yup, when this whole crap storm clears the Fed's are going to point their finger to a majorly corrupt state and city government that ruined their city.

Mr Shoop said...

I myself have a hard time believing that God caused the Katrina to hit New Orleans in order to punish it. It doesn't seem to hold with the character of God in the New Testament. OT, absolutely, but even then if you look at the times when God did destroy things it was usually thru his people conquering. Not so much thru natural disaster. Pancho made a good point to me the other day when he said that God told Abraham that if was able to find 10 righteous people in Sodom, he wouldn't destroy it. Obviously there wasn't and the whole city went down the poop shute. But I have a hard time believing that there weren't at least 10 righteous people in the entire city. Also, I can't think of any time in the NT outside of Revalation where God destroyed anything by natural disaster. Jesus never caused harm to anybody. The worst he ever did was drive people out of the temple. Is it possible for God to have caused this all to happen...yes. I just can't see it though.

Proteinstar said...

In most instances in the OT, God uses other nations to punish wicked Israel. So a point could be made that God only destroys nations and such when in regards to his Chosen. But in chapter 13 of Isaiah we see something interesting. God creates a powerhouse out of the combined might of the Medes and Persians lead by Cyrus. Isaiah predicts the city's destruction 200 years before the event.

Granted this was accomplished so that Cyrus could then read the Judean prophecies about himself and then in order to fulfill them releases the Isrealites but it still shows God's manipulation of nations.

Look atthe many wars Israel has been in since their creation after WWII. They crushed their neighbors and expanded their borders all they to Egypt. God still rules this world and it's nations.
Man is punished in the afterlife, nations are punished in the here and now.

rover said...

We should be careful when we say that the character of God change from the OT to the NT. The fact that the character of God doesn't change is what necessitated Christ's work. Even Jesus was clear about the consequences of an immoral lifestyle. I'm no saying that God smote New Orleans in a Sodom and Gomorrah type manner, but I'm not saying that he didn't either. Someone made an interesting point to me the other day. Thailand and Indonesia were the two nations that were hit the hardest by the Tsunami. Thailand is the international center of child pornography and prostitution. Indonesia is a stronghold of radical Islam. What conclusions can we draw from that?