Friday, September 09, 2005

Birthdays of Sept 9th

Deion Sanders 1967
Adam Sandler 1966
Hugh Grant 1960
Micheal Keaton 1951
Tom Wopat, Luke from Dukes of Hazzard 1951
George Roger Waters, Pink Floyd 1943
William Bligh, captain of the HMS Bounty 1754

and the crown jewel

Cardinal Richelieu, 1585

he said this

"If you give me six lines written
by the most honest man, I will find
something in them to hang him."

Known for his crushing of a Huguenot rebellion.

Great guy to share a birthday with.

And he's FRENCH!


rover said...

Richelieu is a classic! Still doesn't touch my b-day though.

rover said...

I was up all night trying to remember where I heard the Richelieu quote before. My old boss used to read it to us everyday before we started work. It was his mantra.