Wednesday, September 21, 2005

The living Dead!!!

Just discovered a brand new online game. It's free, a low tech for sure but the gameplay is great!

It's called Urban Dead
and it's awesome.

basically you start the game by making a character, one of 3 military types, several scientific positions, or civilians (cops, firefighters, normal people) or a zombie.

Every person and zombie in the game is a real player. The cool thing is, if a human is killed they become a zombie, and the zombies can get experience and better skills etc. Zombies with aid from scientists can be turned back to humans it's really cool.

You can read logs of huddled groups of survivors trapped in a mall with hundreds of player zombies trying to bash the doors in. Low level zombies are unable to open doors but higher level zombies begin to regain memories and can open doors, so players ahve to make larger and larger barricades to keep the zombies out of their ransackled bunker.

Right now my cop is out of ammo and hold up in the Birmingham Hotel. I have the doors secure but against a larger pack of zombies I'm dead! The neighborhood is quiet for now, although the church down the street is packed with bodies. I've only I could get into the gun store down the block.

I heard that the local precinct was completely overrun. 30 people wiped out in one night. Word of advice, don't sleep in police stations.

Yeah I know this isn't healthy for me.


rover said...

Checked it out. I'm currently holed up in a police station in Brooke Hills. Haven't gotten into it with an nasties yet, but I found a shotgun. Yeah, baby. Nobody's talking much, but someone launched a flare about 13 blocks away. Maybe I'll check it out tomorrow.

Proteinstar said...

a flare is just screaming here I am zombies! All you can eat! The scouts that do that and don't move are chow.

I'm stuck in a pub in heytown, Sir Francis Drake, my bro, is on his way up to meet me. Some poor shlub got mawled right outside the door. Got a fire axe just waiting to plant in his noggin.

rover said...

Maybe me and Ye Olde Shotgun will have to stop by. Heytown you say?

Proteinstar said...

yup, just left the hospital. moved south to the Mannige building. Just some nondescript office. Hope to see ya soon.

rover said...

Yeah, I'm holed up in a to remained unnamed building nearby. The PDs and FDs around here don't have crap for equipment. I'll try to slide over to see you when I can. We need to get together to talk some strategy.