Saturday, September 24, 2005

Concept Art for Sylvan and Academy Factions!


These guys look great. And is that gremlin holding a blunderbuss? Ubisoft might be French but I love them.

First Academy.

Master Gremlin, Obsidian Gargoyle.

Now that gargoyl is looking mighty weird but I trust them, it'll be cool.
Next Golem, and Mage (man they look good!)

Now the biggies. A replacement for the naga, and a good one at that. And the Titan got a whole new bada** image.

Man that took some work...ok since I love you here are the Sylvan units!

The level 1 unit is a spirit, like a nymph. And a War Dancer (some elf sword dude)

I do not miss the stupid leprechauns. Whose brainchild was that?
The next two are a ranged elf (i think) and um...something else.

it's hard to make a walking tree look cool. I like the swirling etchings though.
next is a unicorn and druid.


They look great. Shoop, it will be an all out brawl to get that first copy. Even if it is just you an me.

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Mr Shoop said...

20 bucks says I beat you in line