Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Too many choices...

I was the lucky beneficiary of $30 from my sister the other day. T'was my birthday present, Precious.

But now I have the monumental task of choosing what to buy with this fresh influx of cash. The item will be frivolous and something my wife would immediately disdain. I have decided, and rather quickly I might add, that it will not be spent on a videogame. This present will be used to increase my boardgame collection. But what game?

Well, Ursuppe also called Primordial Soup is top on my list, the downfall is that it is for 3-4 players. We rarely have fewer than 5 on Game Nights.

The card game Dungeoneer looks interesting but I spent $25.00 on a used copy of Heroquest on E-bay. If we play any dungeon crawls at Game Night it's gonna be that.

I thought about purchasing some Star Wars Miniatures to add to my Heroscape collection. But the guys never play Heroscape, even though it is the greatest miniatures game in existence. But they do love Epic Duels.

Well heck, if you have any suggestions just leave a comment. Not that anyone actually reads this.


matt said...

I wanted to let you know that I read your blog. Also, sometime at game night, we will play Heroscape. In fact, the next time we play a game, I will vote for Heroscape. As for game suggestions, I get my knowledge from you so I doubt I will come up with anything, but if I hear something, I'll let you know.

rover said...

Why don't you use your gift, precious, to buy some Formula De tracks for a deserving brother in law? Just kidding. I don't know about this Heroscape, as I have never played it. Does it lend itself to creating your own custom boards as has been done with the Epic Duels?

Anonymous said...

You have to update your blog to admit that we've now played Heroscape.


Proteinstar said...

we played heroscape.