Tuesday, April 12, 2005

30 Hour Famine

I've been working hard today trying to get my youth group's 30 Hour Famine off the ground. For those of you unfamiliar the kids starve themselves for 30 hours in a fund raising event to feed starving kids in Kenya. Last year we fed 20 children at a cost of $7,200. Fortunately that was due to the government quadrupling our funds. No such grant this year but I want to feed more than 6 this year. And we should!

Busy cleaning my office. Trimming down the stacks of mail and forms that have piled to dizzying heights on either side of me. It's more a safty thing than a clean thing. I could be smothered if these things ever toppled.

My wife was watching the Today Show. Katie Kouric (is that how you spell it?) was asking Bill Clinton what he thought of the Catholic Church's prohibition of contraceptives in the country Africa. Last I checked it was a continent. Blows my mind how many people do that. "Oh ya we traveled the world, we went to France and Germany, Africa and then flew over to India." umm..Where in Africa? You toured the entire landmass?

Just a nitpick but it's annoying.

Back to cleaning.

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