Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Free iPod my butt!

I've been surfing the net since it's inception. Heck I was dialing onto BBS's with my parents 300 baud modem on our Tandy 1000 . Man, that thing had Tandy 16 color graphics, not EGA not VGA, but Tandy 16 color graphics. And the sound!! I'm not sure how many instruments that mono speaker was belting out, but King's Quest never sounded so good.

Anyway, so I've been around and seen a lot of things. Advertisments and enticements for almost anything. But now...the simple act of clicking on a banner will give you a $300-400 dollar electronic device. It sounds to good to be true! Which of course it is.

But today, today I got snookered by the same thing. This time they were offering free Diplomacy boardgames if I clicked on the banner. (This truely shows how dorky I am)

I did it...and I am so ashamed.

It is now nearly 1 hour later and I have just gotten of the phone with AOL canceling my membership.

I feel dirty just having called them. Like I give a rats fart about their keyword search. They're like, but with our search you can find anything on the web. I told them, "What do you think google is?".

Well, I'm not being charged the outlandish $23.95 for this whole fiasco so I guess it's okay.

$23.95!!! You have to be seriously disturbed to be paying that much money just for a pretty front-end.

Although I liked how the menus scrolled down. They were kind of nifty.

But not as nifty as playing Defender of the Crown in glorious 16 color!!

How I long for the days of swapping out 16 different floppy diskettes. Thank goodness that Tandy had dual diskette drives.

You heard me right..dual.

as in double duece. Speaking of which Strong Bad has advanced quite beyond the IBM PC Jr. stage right into 42 lb laptop stage running some esoteric version of Windows 3.0.


Gratis Network CEO said...

Dear ProteinStar,
I find it very interesting how you claim that a company cannot give away a free ipod. Have you investigated this further?? I seem to have some reliable information that www.freeipods.com, and the rest of the Gratis Network websites and its affiliates are 100% authentic. We, Gratis Networks, consider this Blog blasphemy and defamation of character. We are currently conferring with our attorneys as to the appropriate legal course. If you have any questions, please post them in your blog; as we will be following it closely, or provide your current e-mail address in your blog, so we may contact you directly. You may look forward to hearing from our attorneys.

Joe Martin
Doug Bently
Gratis Network CEO
Graits Network CFO

Jason said...

Hey Matt,
I'm just joking with you. This is Jason, Nicole's brother. I did accually get my free ipod from www.freeipod.com, and I am also about to recieve my free PSP. If you want some more information about it please e-mail me @ Golieguy64@aol.com. Nate told me to post that last one. I thought it was pretty funny! Oh by the way, nice site, I enjoy it.