Monday, November 21, 2005

I'd like to go for a walk...

ah...I'm not fooling anyone.

I'll be stone dead in a moment.

Just a little note to let you know, I'm still here.

2 Girls +
Thanksgiving with both sides coming and I'm cooking +
Grad School =
No time for anything

But I should leave you a nugget of something.

There's this program/website called
it works like IM, except you stream music in the format of proprietary files that they made. What it means is that you can stream music from other peoples PC's. It also means you can record those streams. And it's legal, due to the same law that allows you to record music off the radio or shows off the TV. Nice huh? You can't burn them, at least I haven't figure a way around it using Audacity and a stream recorder yet. But for listening on your PC it's fine, plus you can get a mobile version for your PDA or whatever. So now I can listen to the latest albums of whoever before plunking down $15.00 for it.

hits on Proteinstar's PC right now:

X&Y by Coldplay (yeah I'm strapped to that bandwagon)
Demon Days by Gorillaz (the track Dare has me completely obsessed with them)
Transatlanticism by Deathcab for cutie (dragged to my death behind this indie wagon)
Give Up by The Postal Service (Since one of the leads are from Deathcab it's a given)
Aphex Twin (Got over his nightmarish face and have fallen completely in love)
Sigur Ros (so what if it's not English? So what if it's not actually Icelandic either?)

Man I love that Dare song, just gets me bopping.

"You've got to press it on you

You just think it

That's what you do, baby

Hold it down, DARE"

No idea what they mean but the beat jams. Seriously Whole Crap jams.

Sounds like a novelty indie jelly company. Seriously Whole Crap Jams. Only the freshest Whole Crap is good enough for our Jams.


matt said...

I am seriously WHOLE CRAP impressed with your musical selections. I always it was basically only techno. It's even got some eclectocism to it. You just put down a great list of some good bands. Although I am still not sure about Aphex Twin.

matt said...

There should be a 'thought' between the 'always' and 'it' in that second sentence.