Tuesday, November 08, 2005

I should feel real bad but it's hard

Watching France burn is a bad thing, yet satisfying. I know...People read this blog, you can't say things like that anymore. But it's true. The government of France is one of the most egotistical meglomanicial in Europe and it's nice to see them get their cumuppance.

Every single major city is having major riots, 4700 vehicles have been torched. Schools, businesses, warehouses, all aflame. What's Chirac and his guys doing? Nothing. It's been 12 days and they are finally thinking about curfew. CURFEW! That nation is nuts. Can you imagine riots in every major city in the US? Completely unimaginable, it would be civil war. The National Guard would be all over the place.

I think it's interesting that the Muslim extremists are attacking their biggest ally. We'll see what Frances view on Muslim immigrants will be after this, they do have 5 million after all. Europe looks at the US with such disgust but we can at least manage our population. Someone compared Frances riots with the LA riots in '92. Come on, they aren't even close! If the riots extented 2500 miles across the country maybe then it could be.

I sure hope we don't need to cross the Pond to bail them out again.

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rover said...

What was I saying the other day about the main flaw of socialism? . . . . Oh Yeah, it spawns a generation fo ingrates and brats.