Sunday, September 21, 2008


Well, just Wii.

I gave the spouse clearance to buy a new bedspread and sheet combo thing and she gave me clearance to spend my Wii fund! Yeah! So we went out and found...nothing. Her bed set was not anywhere and Gamestop, Circuit City, Target, and Walmart did not have any Wiis. Not one. Not a single Wii in Central PA. Except for Best Buy, they had about 8. Thanks Best Buy, you guys rock!

So I start hooking this thing up and The Spouse watches her movie flick and I head over to my buddy Dwayne's place to check out his new PS3. Man is that thing a beast! Sweet.

I get home around 12am and decide to try out my Wii. It is now 2:16 and I can totally say, I would not trade that Wii for a PS3 or 360 any day of the week. It is the perfect system for the family.

Going to have to pick up a second controller though. One won't cut it. I'll blog further about it later, oh and I love Wiiware!

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