Monday, February 26, 2007

If you don't watch it don't talk to me...

Simply put Heroes on NBC Monday nights at 9pm is the best 1 hour of television ever created by mankind. Well if Spock and Kirk got into the ring with Vader and C3PO, that would be the best 1 hour, more like 15 seconds of screaming, ever but moving on.

If you missed it you need to go online to and watch the entire episode. It was that good. If your confused because you don't understand the plot, or the characters, or why some guy can go all Chernobyl than your a total lamer.

Still working on the nickname for my little broodling. I'm thinking something like Cygnus. That would be sweet. Only because it's the sweetest super huge spaceship teetering on the edge of oblivion name ever. And why wouldn't an 8lb lump of 50% of my genetic material die to have a sweet name like that? With that said I haven't named the others in my clan. Perhaps we here in The Battle of Hastings only name the males. It seems likely and I'm sure I can use precedent to support it.


stephen said...

Hey, I watch Heroes! The Lackey however, does not.

Have you been to the Primatech paper website? Or gotten any messages from Wireless?

Proteinstar said...

Yeah, pretty cool if you ask me. I love that show!