Thursday, December 01, 2005

5 by 5

A list.

5 Places That I Want to Visit before I Can't:

1. Tortorici, Sicily

2. Trafalgar Square, London, England

3. Olympus Mons, Tharsis bulge, Mars (that volcano is the size of Missouri)

4. The Ziggurat of Ur or The Ishtar Gate of Babylon (same country so I think 2 is fine)

5. Rome, Italy

My 5 Favorite restaurants:

1. Taco Bell

2. Newport Creamery

3. Dave & Busters

4. Texas Roadhouse

5. Brian Kents (Just gotta lay off the Pinot Grigio)

5 Sporting Events I Have to Attend:

1. The Octagon

2. American Gladiators

3. Worlds Strongest Man Competition

4. Flugtag

5. The Most Dangerous Game

5 People That I Want to Share Spaghetti and Meatballs With:

1. Optimus Prime

2. Saint Peter

3. The chick Cain married after moving to Nod

4. Settimo Franchina (My Grandfather)

5. Gabriel the Archangel (want to see if he knows Moroni the angel)

5 Things I Don't Know:

1. How they heck did they figure our universe was shaped either like a torus or a saddle?

2. Why the heck is a face transplant considered an ethical dilemma by the media?

3. Why is Pennsylvania completely devoid of natural bodies of water?

4. Why am I having difficulty typing this section when it should easily be the easiest?


so there are 26 dimensions? And the scalar tachyon is the lowest energy state and is one of the energy sources for the antisymmetric tensor field? OK, so I think I have this string theory thing down. When's the test?....not.

Ummm. Rover you're it.


rover said...

Yeah, you're right. PA doesn't have any natural bodies of water. Oh! Except for the Susquehanna River, the widest in North America, and that pesky little thing called Lake Erie which is actually larger than Rhode Island.

Proteinstar said...

body of water, not a stream a zillion miles wide and half an inch deep. If you can't boat on it , it doesn't count. And coasting 1 mile up and down on some cobbled together pontoon raft isn't boating, neither is the occassional ski-doo. Oh and Erie? PA borders it, the states boundries do not encompass it, meaning it doesn't count. I stand by my statement.

rover said...

So, by your defintion, does Rhode Island have any bodies of water? Your parents bathtub doesn't count.

rover said...

So, Rhode Island has 13% water, and PA has 0.9%. Did you also note that that 0.9% of water equals roughly half of the entire land mass of RI?

rover said...

Ok, roughly a third. Like I said, I don't know math.