Thursday, October 06, 2005

Paraphrasing Herbert

Heroes of Might and Magic is the little Time killer.

You could not believe the amount of time at night I've spent trying to coach my blundering army of undead to capture 3 nearby castles. It's been horrible. But I have only 1 to go.

Between grad school, 2 girls, youth group, my wife, Heroes, and Urban Dead, I've had zero time for blogging.

A travesty I know. And it will be soon rectified.

The 3rd wave of heroscape figures came out. I haven't bought a single figure from wave 2. sniff. This wave rocks. A bunch of Scottish highlanders, some futury agent dudes, a cowboy and some crazy robot thing. I am way behind. Hopefully they'll be around for Christmas.

My bro and I are finally starting up a D&D campaign. The Spouse of Proteinstar is less than pleased. But at least it's free!

I will hereby be know as Gregory Thurmaturgus, Paladin, and all-a-round good guy.

5 pts for the 1st person to comment on who and when Greg was about.

Ah yes, mounted combat and religious zealotry in all it's glory.



rover said...

Gregory THAUMATURGUS (213-270 AD) was and early church father/saint. He originally began his education studying law, but on a visit to his brother-in-law, the Govenor of Palestine, he ran into the famous Origen of the Alexandrian School. Gregory then abandoned his law studies and became a student of Origen. After seven years of study Gregory was named the Bishop of Caesarea, overseing only 17 Christians. While greatly incresing the size of his bishopric, Gregory was attributed with a number of miracles. Some of the more impressive follow: He once moved a large rock, dried up a lake, and killed a con artist. Cool guy. Today Gregory is considered to be the Patron Saint against earthquakes and floods, and for all causes lost, forgotten, desperate, or impossible. Saint Gregory is generally remembered annually on November 17. I would like my 5 points in the form of cookies.

rover said...

Wow, my spelling really sucked on that one.

Proteinstar said...

Prepare to accept your reward this Sunday in the corporal form of Oreos.


rover said...

I checked Snopes and they are unable to verify any of Gregory's miracles.