Thursday, October 20, 2005

I have become my father

A particularly poignant moment in my household was the weekly watching of Nova on WGBH Boston, the local PBS channel. During the late 80’s and early 90’s, Nova, it seemed, was running endless shows on evolution, the Piltdown man, or Lucy our long lost cousin. Listening to a paleontologist describe the life history of an entire race of beings after discovering it’s patella, which turned out to be a pigs, had my father in such a furious clamor that he was completely unable to sit on the sofa. He would lean forward towards the television, just waiting in anticipation for the narrators next line of complete inanity, upon which he would gesticulate wildly (being Italian) and declare the statement to be utter lunacy.

The day has come when I have taken up the mantle of my beloved progenitor.

I spent the evening watching "The Question of God" on PBS. It was a show comparing the world views of Sigmund Freud and CS Lewis. The quotations of both these men were impressive and intriquing, of course I am biased towards Lewis's way of thinking having adopted several of his mental concepts of God for myself. Yet the frustating part was the roundtable discussion between "highly educated and intelligent thinkers". Good Lord! It was insane. The things that would come out of these peoples mouths were laughable. Intelligent! Bah! They understand stocks, and how many atriums we have in our heart but when it comes to viewing and discussing our state of existence they are woefully inept. "Professing to be wise they became fools."

These agnostics, just another name for the philosophically lazy, and athiests/humanists, if they take their view to it's fullest extent it always results in nihilism and fatalism. If Nietzsche had it right, and God is Dead. With Him dead the standard of moral obligation is gone, we need to replace it, with what? Supermen, the concept of mankinds gradual upward development. As the ape is an embarassment to man so shall man be in comparison to the supermen that come after.

Sounds like...

Nazi propaganda.

Well looks like that's a great world view to replace God with. Germany and central Europe were at the height of Naturalistic thought. Looks like they picked a doozy to replace God with. Why do atheists and humanists think they'll do any better today? Why would they care? They won't be held to account afterwards.

Who cares? Ah my gradmother died..well at least I have her memory. What's that? How long will that last? One good blow to my head will knock grandma out of eternity for good. What kind of comfort is that? At least I can live through my kids. WHAT? Yeah uh that doesn't even mean anything. The good I do will live on. Live on in what? If you're really amazing it last a generation after you, maybe two. The truely great get in text books that no one cares about.

Those who dismiss God have nothing but oblivion to look forward too. Well, why suffer through this life for that? Why slog through another 50 years of mediocrity and lameness, oh yeah you'll have kids, run up debt, get old and busted and then NOTHING. ANd the thing is everyone who knew you will also be NOTHING. Eventually our sun in about 4 billion years will run out of hydrogen and swell, turning this planet into NOTHING. If we escaped the confines of the Solar System then the eventual Heat death of the universe will close the book on whatever good you did or your Grandmas memory or whatever lameness you're relying on to get by.

The thing is the surgeon/Harvard professor, who was also a Christian, should have had the conversation sewn up. I was spewing out defenses and agruements that would have had that athiest scratching his head, instead the Christian says he cannot answer the problem of evil! What?!! What good is our faith if you cannot answer the most basic of questions?! You can't understand why there is evil in the world and an all powerful/all good God? Sad. Very sad.

Well there I was shouting at the TV. "Come on!!!!", I'd shout. "You can't answer that?!" "Some one shut that Jungian Analyst up!" "If she says one more think about God's shadow I'm going to puke!" yeah...Papa Proteinstar here I am.

Well I didn't get any of my Saturday homework done. I have a presentation due Sat and I'll be doing it Friday night. Love that procrastination. Speaking of which I had a report due to the church this week. yikes. I'll have that in Boss.

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