Friday, August 29, 2008

Books to get you wicked excited about Fallout 3

Read it in a day. The man is a master in describing the various consistencies of ash. Ash, wet ash, slushy ash, bloody ash, cold ash, gore strewn ash, trampled ash, you name it. This is one seriously ashy book. And it's a decent read, the dialogue if condensed would fill maybe 4 pages, font size 12. Not nearly as depressing as SirFrancisDrake made it out to seem. Honestly I thought the woodsmoke smelling savior was going to feast on his lower extremities while hauling him down the coast in a wagon. But good all the same. Excellent post-apocalyptic doomsday book.

The other one I'm almost done with but there is no physical way I could read it in an entire day is the unabridged and complete...

Not nuclear weapons this time but bioweapons ala 'Captain Trips'. I'm not done but he's going all metaphysical on me. I prefer my doomsday books to by light on thought and heavy on survival and biker gangs with crazy getups.

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