Monday, July 07, 2008

Whole Crap Amazing Game News

Huge game news...just huge.

Blizzard just (well June 28th)announced Diablo 3.

Isometric view...random dungeons...random everything actually...3D graphics...partially destructive environments...larger RPG...more story focus...huge focus on amazing loot...


Then on the kind of still huge news only slightly disappointing is THQ's announcement of their Warhammer 40k MMO. Only it's going to focus on the RPG side, and they recognize the importance of vehicles in the IP. What the heck is that? "They recognize?" What's to recognize, huge Space Marine Rhinos, Baslisks, I mean vehicles are an absolute must, no question.

So well I'm ecstatic about Diablo3 but I'll weep with Sir Francis Drake about what could have been. dudes really missed the boat in trying to have THQ go all RPG on ya. When has 40k ever really been about roleplay? Inquisitor fell on it's giant size models butt.

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