Monday, June 23, 2008

Hey, It's a lady!

Let me pour another glass of Courvoisier, because another lady has joined us in the great blogosphere. Apparently not into handles, she totally needs one. Dred Ben I hereby appeal to your sense of webness to get your wife a sufficiently cool and illustrative name. So if you are jonesing for stories about sleep deprived mothers and all sorts of creative activities with finger nail polish and applesauce than look no further than... Eye of the Hurricane!

Now I have to go and work on some of these busted links of mine.

1 comment:

shevrae said...

Just so you know I do have a handle - shevrae. It may not be "cool", but it's been around for quite a while (starting as my password for my Messiah e-mail account) and I've gotten quite attached to it.

So there. (How pathetic - my children really have turned my brain to mush!)