Monday, May 28, 2007

Either I'm Growing Up or Dying Inside

We're soon moving into a new home, a great home. One with 400 more square feet than my current home, one with a ridiculously small amount of closet space.

And so we are downsizing. Which means...Yard sale.

So I took my vintage 1967 Battleship game and put it on the alter of reduced storage capacity. I also put my 533 card collection of Star Trek the Next Generation cards, and my Lord of the Rings Strategy Battle Game by Games Workshop. I had only finished painting the elves. My prized collection of Dorito Star Wars hologram cards and some forgotten Warhammer figurines I never painted. My mint unopened Star Wars Pez Dispenser collection, and my Star Wars Limited Edition Trading card game, along with some Star Wars Galaxy trading cards. Sensing a pattern?

And assortment of video games I no longer play, and some ancient Viewfinder slide wheels.

All to reduce clutter, and to buy me a sweet grill!! I think any extra cash will go towards

WAVE 6!!!!!!!!!!

Which just showed up at Walmart!!! My wait is over!!! Samurai archers here I come!!!!

The yard sale will be this Saturday baring any rain, which I hereby prohibit. There will be no rain allowed this Saturday. Just to be clear.

Come one come all and buy my precious things that I have so lovingly kept these many years and am being forced to let go by that most dire of circumstances. Lack of shelf space.

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